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WWE Survivor Series 2021 Results: Winners, Ratings, Reactions & Highlights | Launderer report

Credit: WWE

The traditional Survivor Series women’s elimination match between Team Raw (Rhea Ripley, Carmella, Queen Zelina, Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair) against Team SmackDown (Toni Storm, Shotzi, Shayna Baszler, Natalya and Sasha Banks) is then squared.

A distraction around Carmella’s mask allowed Storm to curl up WWE’s prettiest woman and score the contest’s first elimination. Carmella eliminated (SmackDown 5-4)

The rift between Shotzi and Banks threatened the cohesion of the SmackDown team as Baszler faced off against Ripley inside the square circle. The action fell through with the women each hitting a signature offense before culminating in the pairing of Banks and Belair.

Opponents of WrestleMania 37 captivated fans with an exchange that saw WWE’s EST trapped in the bank statement. Belair fought back and delivered a fall slam. Competitors picked up where they left off on wrestling’s biggest stage before EST tossed teammate Queen Zelina to Banks for a near crash.

After Baszler and Shotzi refused to connect, Storm tagged his partner and proceeded to eliminate Zelina. Zelina eliminated (SmackDown 5-3)

Morgan entered the ring for Raw and scored an impressive fall pinning Storm after Oblivion. Storm cleared (Raw 4-3)

Baszler applied the Kirifuda clutch to knock Morgan down, Shotzi followed with a splash and Banks headed her off. Morgan eliminated (Even 4-2)

The penalty kill for Raw was further compounded when Baszler ditched Ripley, leaving Belair alone against four of SmackDown’s original five contenders. Ripley eliminated (Smackdown 4-1)

The dissension within the Blue Mark squad ultimately proved costly as Shotzi, Baszler and Natalya prevented Banks from returning to the ring before the referee’s 10 count, leading to his elimination. Banks eliminated (SmackDown 3-1)

Natalya applied the Sharpshooter but Belair fought the pain and sent her opponent into Baszler. EST marked the roll-up for elimination. Natalia eliminated (SmackDown 2-1)

Belair continued his hot streak, knocking out the Queen of Spades to tie things up. Baszler eliminated (Even 1-1)

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion overcame her opponent’s obstacles and dynamism, offering Shotzi the Kiss of Death for the win.


Team Raw defeated SmackDown (Belair pinned Shotzi)


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It was a great spotlight for WWE’s important female roster. Competitors who have struggled for consistent TV time or been underrated lately have had the opportunity to shine here.

Belair isn’t in either of those categories, but she was the undisputed star, overcoming the odds of winning for Raw. The victory keeps her front and center despite not being in the title race at the moment, and that has erased any doubt that she will be without gold to hunt.

EST is still one of the top stars in the women’s division. It was proven by the way she overcame obstacles four to one to come out victorious.

Banks earning the wrath of her teammates for being too egotistical as the leader of SmackDown, which led to her elimination, was a good idea. Even though she is the de facto babyface in the feud with Shotzi, she is a selfish character who would be logically incapable of standing up for her own personal goals for the betterment of the team. It backfired and cost the team as a whole.

Shotzi was allowed to shine here, taking on a bigger role than one might have imagined. It really should be the last chapter of his rise in rank rather than the end. Hopefully WWE Creative sees it that way too.