MMA fighting styles

WTF: Silat championships and a knockout Dambe that is out of this world

So we start as usual with our buddy Jerry at Fight Commentary Breakdowns. And again we see more traditional styles clashing with modern fusions of fighting forms or at least being updated and adapted to modern conditions.

This time it’s a particular style of Kung Fu that relies on forward movement. Yeah, that sounds pretty dope.

It’s well implemented here. Personally, I’m curious how much more we can see of it, as well as a better understanding of its origins and evolution. Good product.

From there, head to the majestic African continent. African Warriors Championship.

It’s like when you think you’ve seen the most intense knockouts, something like this happens. The man got an ultra combo at the end and went down hard.

And here is another duel that is direct with the two guys going there. The problem with engaging in a shootout like this is that you’re likely to catch a stray animal the second you get careless. And that is precisely what is happening.

Next, we have a Lethwei x Unbeatable team fight in Japan. This fight isn’t exactly under the strict rules of Lethwei, since participants wear gloves and there’s no rush for headbutts. It’s not pretty, but the ending is rough.

After that, we got to the grappling part of the festivities. Malakhro is something we’ve featured before, and these guys go on a dizzying series of attempts to topple each other. Even the stalemates get intense here, with participants throwing each other around in a way that looks kind of fun until you realize they’re really trying to slam each other.

We also feature Silat this week, with this championship fight from earlier this month in Malaysia (courtesy of Silat Fan TV on YouTube). This one is actually a bit more exciting than some of the other fights you might experience, and it’s quite unpredictable and fun to watch.

Finally, we will leave you some examples of what not TO DO. First, a new defense for bare rear chokes. Let me know if you spot where the fault may be with her. I certainly don’t see any flaw here.

But! There is also the defense of weapons! One of my guiltiest guilty pleasures! Find out how it goes and say in the comments if this has ever happened to you.

That’s all for this week, so remember to find joy in even the simplest things. And remember – you might think you can fight, but there are plenty of guys like you all over the world.