World Entrepreneur Day celebrated at MIT-ADT University of Pune to recognize entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders

Entrepreneurs need to reflect on the lessons learned throughout the current Covid outbreak on World Entrepreneur Day 2021. The once-in-a-generation outbreak has served as a wake-up call, but it has also taught us to embrace the new normal.

The Institution’s Innovation Council at MIT-ADT University of Pune hosted four exclusive sessions on how to build your start-up from scratch, on building a resilient innovation ecosystem, on creating a high-speed start-up and on the experience as a founder and let’s hang- with Campus Start-up Guys in association with AIC-MITADT Incubator Forum and MIT Center for Future Skills Excellence (MIT-FuSE).

Today’s global economy is driven by entrepreneurship driven by innovation. Indian youth aspire to create new-age start-ups that solve the problems of humanity. MIT Art, Design and Technology University Pune is a new age university for aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs. The university’s name synthesizes the arts with design, design with technology, and art with technology to create a generation that is a specimen of future leaders, social transformers and winning personalities.

Recently, MITADT University established the Research and Innovation Center for Young Aspirants (CRIYA) to create individuals who can solve societal problems by thinking outside the box. CRIYA intends to cultivate the scientific temperament of students by motivating them to understand and innovate in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and design.. MIT ADT University is at the forefront of promoting and encouraging the development of entrepreneurship among students, and as a result, Atal Incubation Center has incubated around 27 incubators in areas such as health, biotechnology, agritech, social innovation and IT to transform their ideas into viable products. The vision is to produce first generation entrepreneurs who will be able to replicate the model of Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

Sir. Yogiraj Konde Deshmukh and M. Ouday Bhoré, Alumni Entrepreneur of the MIT School of Food Technology shared their experience on how they started their journey as an entrepreneur and the difficulties as well as challenges they faced during their stay. Mr. Yogiraj completed his master’s degree at the University of Leeds, England & returned India to create its own food processing and bakery unit. They also provided their views on how to go about starting their own business.

During the session on Building a Resilient Innovation Ecosystem, Dr Jagadeesh – CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Manoj Nimbalkar – Managing Director and co-founder, with Mr. Harshad Baviskar by Munich, Germany explained wonderfully how an individual’s mindset helps them achieve their entrepreneurial goals and how important it is for a start-up to have a mentor or incubator and the downsides of not having one.

And they shared their experiences of their trip and the whole process they went through and how they got the idea to found such a start-up initiative for Indo-Europe Connect & collaboration.

Sir. Akshay Mehrotra – CEO and co-founder of proudly mentioned that has already disbursed 1.8 million loans worth Rs. 4000 Crores to salaried professionals in the country over the past five years. EarlySalary is india the largest consumer loan app for salaried people that helps them with an easy line of credit, instant cash loans, buy now, pay later and payday advances. EarlySalary has become the preferred line of credit for every India. Young professionals and newbies face a shortage of cash at the end of the month and due to lack of knowledge about credit score they are also unable to borrow money from the traditional credit facilities available. . And he shared his journey of how it all started and motivated our audience to work on their startups and entrepreneurial journey. Sir. Akshay Mehrotra said, “We are determined to build a bigger organization, to stay upright in the minds and hearts of every customer with a product for every credit need. We are a profitable start-up and want to build a great financial model. He appreciated the efforts and efforts of MIT-ADT University of Pune to create a robust framework and ecosystem for innovation and incubation.

During the closing session, three proud former entrepreneurs shared their experiences at AIC-MITADT Incubator Forum. The round table was moderated by Mr. Ganesh Thorat – founder of Cerebrospark Innovations, Mr. Rishabh Gupta– The founder of the weavers, Mr. Rishabh Naik, Co-Founder and Designated Partner, Knowform LLP. And they shared their interesting journey of how they built a successful start-up from scratch and completed legal compliances with the help of support and guidance from AIC-MITADT Incubator Forum. It was very well received by the students on how these students overcome the challenges of starting their businesses. The session created a spark and encouraged students to make their dreams come true to transform themselves and make an impact on the economy of tomorrow.

Dr. Mohit Dubey, CEO-AIC MITADT Incubator Forum added that the way Incubation Center helps young aspiring entrepreneurs, regardless of age, and provides them with a workspace to work for their business. He also mentioned how startup culture is becoming a new trend in the world and the benefits of having your business. Teacher. Dr. Virendra Bhojwani, President IIC-MITADT University shared his insightful remarks and views on how a business or innovation idea can be protected against theft through the filing of intellectual property. He further described the process of registering the company with various governments. of India initiatives.

Prof. Suraj Bhoyar, Project Director MIT Center for Future Skills Excellence (MIT-FuSE) summarized the main points of the sessions that took place throughout the day. He explained the purpose and intention of the celebration of World Entrepreneur Day. He said, “It’s best to work on startup only during college days. Come up with an idea. Determine your value proposition. Build something people want and you’ll be successful.” And he added that how the individual can achieve whatever he wants just with hard work and dedication.

Last year, MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune was ranked 26th for ARIIA 2020 by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India. And even the Institution’s Innovation Council – MITADTU was awarded 5 stars for its exemplary performance by the Innovation Council of the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.

MIT University of Art, Design and Technology Prepares students for the future through its cutting-edge programs and prepares them for their future workplace through holistic education provided at the university. Thus, increase the learning agility and resilience of students who are empowered to respond to the ever-changing needs of the world; The project / problem-based learning approach has been adopted by the University through semester projects using a design thinking program and exhibition using state-of-the-art infrastructure, viz. makerspace, 3D Printing Labs, Fab Labs, etc. nurture innovative minds to turn into products.

Media contact: Pr. Surah Bhoyar, [email protected], + 902-848-3286, Project Director, MIT ADT University Pune

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