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With over 150,000 bitcoins, Celsius holds more than MicroStrategy, Galaxy Digital and Coinbase

HOBOKEN, NJ, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Celsius, the world’s leading cryptocurrency lending and borrowing platform, announced at the Bitcoin 2022 conference that it now holds over 150,000 Bitcoin. Additionally, Celsius announced that they have now paid out rewards of nearly 6,100 Bitcoins to their community.

Celsius, a private company, holds more Bitcoin than public companies such as Microstrategy (even after its recent Bitcoin purchase), Tesla, Galaxy Digital, Square, and Coinbase, according to holdings tracked by CoinGecko.

Celsius Chief Growth and Product Officer Tushar Nadkarni shared the news during the Onboarding Retail panel.

“Our mission at Celsius is to ‘put unprecedented economic freedom into the hands of the people,’ and ownership of Bitcoin is a key enabler of that freedom,” Nadkarni said after the panel.

“Our team works every day to increase the simplicity, accessibility, and security of our platform, creating solutions for Bitcoin veterans and newcomers alike,” he continued.

“There is no greater validation of the Celsius approach than having our community trust us with their Bitcoin and, by extension, their financial future.”


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SOURCE Celsius Network