MMA fighting styles

Will Vera keep rolling or will Font bounce back?

Marlon Vera, UFC 268

The main event on ESPN features an interesting clash of styles between Rob Font and Marlon Vera.

Assembling a sharp punching game from all ends of the New England fight scene, Font will cleverly use his jab as both a battering ram and connecting piece for crosses and kicks, occasionally tying it down as a check to catch his opposition to the exit of exchanges.

When he feels in stride, Font will smoothly change his stance in combination to better follow the fleeing opposition. The 11-year-old pro is diligent in completing combos with his main hand, but can also adjust on the fly with his knees if he senses a change in level.

Nonetheless, even with good eyes in the exchanges, Font is still susceptible to a hit given the goals his frame allows him. And given the multi-layered threat he will face starting this Saturday, I suspect feints will be a big key for Font.

Although Vera isn’t exactly an accurate counter-attacker, the Ecuadorian fighter has come a long way since his time in the first season of ‘TUF LATAM’.

Carrying a long frame for the division, Vera initially focused on a heavy kicking approach from a left-handed position after moving to California to train with Team Oyama. Vera will keep pushing forward while stringing together kicks and punches, but the 29-year-old has really cleaned up his boxing fundamentals since working with famous striking trainer Jason Parillo.

A former boxer who helped former UFC champions like BJ Penn and Michael Bisping, Parillo apparently passed on much of his knowledge to Vera. Fighting with much more skill and confidence from an orthodox stance, it’s now much more common to see Vera attempting to hit catch-and-pitch counters on backhand parries, demonstrating good eyes in the pocket. from beginning to end.

Vera is also a fan of mixing things up with the body, doing most of her striking damage in melee. Whether he’s throwing knees down the middle or cutting elbows off the collar ties, giving me flashbacks to the ones Jim Miller punched Joe Lauzon with at UFC 155, Vera is a certified wood chipper in closed neighborhoods.