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Who did Dana White say ‘Bones’ is likely to fight in his UFC heavyweight debut?

Jon Jones’ UFC heavyweight debut is apparently finally going to happen. Dana White recently named two opponents ‘Bones’ will face when he returns to the MMA organization.

The UFC president said the The Jim Rome Show that Jones will face Stipe Miocic or Francis Ngannou in his UFC heavyweight debut.

Dana White also said a potential fight with Ngannou would depend on the heavyweight champion’s physical condition. The Cameroonian is currently out with a knee injury.

While discussing Jones’ next fight, White said:

“We are just waiting for an opponent. It will be either Francis depending on how long his knee takes to recover or Stipe Miocic.”

The quickest fight to make seems to be Jon Jones against Stipe Miocic, with “Bones” saying he’ll be ready to fight the heavyweight next month. On Twitter, Jones had said that Miocic needed until September to be fully fit and ready to compete, which “Bones” had been patiently waiting for.

Stipe says he will be at his peak in September. I’m disappointed but patient, I want the heavyweight goat at his best. I will wait until September. No excuses

However, a few days ago Jones updated everyone again on his Twitter profile, this time mentioning Francis Ngannou instead. ‘Bones’ said the heavyweight champion is “back on the table” and a fight could take place in November.

I’ve heard rumors about November, but honestly, I have no idea. Heard maybe Francis could be back on the table…

Michael Bisping thinks Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic will ‘probably’ be for interim belt

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping recently spoke about Jon Jones’ potential heavyweight debut with the UFC on his YouTube channel.

Bisping thinks ‘Bones’ will likely face Stipe Miocic next and also thinks the fight will be for an interim UFC belt.

The former UFC champion also believes that if Jones becomes interim heavyweight champion, he will face Francis Ngannou in his next fight. While speaking on his YouTube live stream, Bisping said:

“Jon Jones, the greatest of all time, is probably going to do fantastic things at heavyweight. Probably Stipe Miocic, probably an interim belt, will probably fight Francis Ngannou if he wins that one. So there’s a lot to look forward to. …”

Watch the full live stream on YouTube here:

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It’s clear that the UFC and “Bones” want to make sure that at least one of these heavyweight fights happens soon. However, with Ngannou recently struggling with a knee injury, the champion may need more time to recover, despite the positive whispers of Jones’ Twitter posts.

That leaves Miocic as the likeliest opponent. This makes perfect sense considering both fighters will be eager to win the title and both have the credibility within the UFC to sell PPVs for the organization.

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