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Watch for brandon Ramyakrishna, fighter Vijay Deverakonda

Hyderabad: Vijay Deverakond and Ananya Pandey’s ‘Liger’ hits screens on August 25 after a long wait. Here’s what it looks like.


A youngster named Liger (Vijay Deverakonda) with a stuttering problem and his mother Balamani (Ramyakrishna) come to Mumbai from Karimnagar. Balamani who lost her husband in a boxing championship decides to make his son an MMA champion. Liger is being trained by master Christopher (Ronit Roy) to make it to the national MMA championships. Balamani runs a tea stall and works hard to earn a living. Next comes Taniya (Ananya Pandey), a social media freak who falls in love with Liger.

Liger learns that his girlfriend is the sister of Sanju, his rival in the ring. When she learns that Liger has a stuttering problem, she leaves him without a second thought. While his guru and mother warn him to stay away from girls and focus on the game, Liger ignores the warnings. He is now an emotionally broken fighter who still dreams of succeeding in life.

Will Liger realize his mistake and work hard to fulfill his mother’s dream? What this young man from the slums of Mumbai goes through on his way to the international championship is the crux of the story.


Ramyakrishna is the star of the film. She plays a strong mother who can turn the world upside down if something happens to her son. At the same time, she is strict and does not forgive Liger for her nonsense. She is the perfect choice for Balamani, a widow who dreams big for her child.

Vijay Deverakonda is the film’s only bright spot. His transformation, stuttering, and in-ring performance will have you jumping out of your seat watching him. It’s obvious that he worked very hard to put himself in Liger’s shoes.

Ali, Getup Srinu, Ronit Roy and Chunky Pandey play pivotal roles in the film and did a great job.

Ananya Pandey’s scenes are a waste of time, money and hard work. She has nothing to do in the movie except dance to a few songs. There’s zero performance headroom (which was least expected though). She plays the daughter of a wealthy businessman who defaults on loans which leads to her daughter being kidnapped. At some point, you will realize that she was cast as Taniya because Taniya has no role in Liger’s life. No versatile and popular actress would have said yes to this role.

Now let’s talk about Mike Tyson. He doesn’t deserve the kind of role he’s been offered. An international boxing champion beaten by a so-called pan-Indian star Vijay Deverakonda is not fair. Apart from these bitter facts, watching it on screen was nothing short of exciting for the audience.

This Puri Jagannadh director is entertaining in bits and pieces. The film has a good captivating and entertaining first half while the second half is boring, predictable and routine cinema where the hero goes to save the heroine leaving her career behind. This however was not expected from Puri Jagannadh.

The film is only worth watching for two people – Ramyakrishna and Vijay Deverakonda.