Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown: 10 best characters

Virtua Fighter has never been known for an incredibly diverse cast. The characters were still few in number but perceptible. The characters were developed to accurately represent a martial art and fill a character archetypal void in the fighting game genre. The franchise has only gotten better over time, and AM2 Studio has always been very careful not to add a character that would play like the one already in the game.

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All the characters in the game feel very different from each other. In addition, they can all be used at a competitive level. The franchise has always tried to be as balanced as possible. While the balance has been struck somewhat, there will always be some characters who are seen to be better than others.

ten Kage Maru

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Kage Maru

Kage Maru is Virtua Fighter’s ninja. It has a lot of unrealistic moves and some of the nicest special moves. It is said that the martial art of Kage Maru is a combination of Tegoi and Hagakure. Together they become Kage’s Hagakure-ryū Jū-Jutsu. Canonically, he is one of three characters to have won Virtua Fighter tournaments.

Because his fighting style is so unusual, the ninja can be quite unpredictable. Que also has access to good throws, including one that can easily lead to combos and juggling ring-outs.

9 Jean Kujo

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Jean Kujo posing at the opening of the game

The French newcomer is the Jojo benchmark of Virtua Fighter. Jean is tall and visibly strong. The tradition of the game presents it as a full contact karateka. Although his fighting style is karate, the game doesn’t specify what genre. Many believe that it is a mixture of various sub-styles.

John has a weak throwing game, but that doesn’t make him a weak character. He’s tall, fast, and has plenty of charged attacks to break through his opponent’s defense. Plus, jeans aren’t as hard on boot as Akira and have some great, very damaging combos.

8 Shun Di

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Shun Di posing at the opening of the game

Shun Di is an elderly herbalist who is constantly drunk. So it’s only fitting that his fighting style is Drunken Kung Fu, also known as Zuì Quán. This old Kung Fu master is short and quick. His fighting style is very difficult to read and designed to taunt the opponent while attacking. For an old man, Shun Di is surprisingly strong and agile.

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One of the things that makes Shun Di viable is his drinking trick. He can take a sip from his alcohol bottle during combat. The more drinks he has, the more techniques he can use. It also increases its damage.

7 Vanessa lewis

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Vanessa Lewis posing at the opening of the game

Vanessa is the MMA fighters version of Virtua Fighter. Made in the days when Vale-Tudo was a famous competition, Vanessa has good punching moves and good holds. As she is tall, her spinning kicks go quite a distance. She also has two different positions that completely change her movements.

Since Vanessa can use both a defensive and an offensive style, she is essentially two characters. This makes her very technical, but it also means that she always has good options for dealing with any given situation once the players have learned the basics.

6 Brad burns

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Brad Burns posing at the opening of the game

Since his favorite martial art is Muay Thai, Brad is a striking type of character. Brad has many long hitting strings and mid-height spinning attacks, which makes it quite difficult to compete directly with him. In many ways, Brad is Virtua Fighter’s version of a rushed character.

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Brad’s weakness is that he doesn’t have a lot of moves he can use when he’s at a disadvantage. However, this is the compromise for such a great offense. Brad needs to be patient when he is under pressure. Players will have to wait for the right moment to resume their turn.

5 Goh Hinogami

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Goh Hinogami posing at the opening of the game

As a Virtua Fighter judo practitioner, Goh’s striking moves aren’t great. He doesn’t have the technique for quick streaks, although a lot of his punches contain a lot of power. Still, it is dangerous because many Goh attacks can connect to outlets when blocked.

Goh is also the only Virtua Fighter character capable of counterattacking. He has a few moves that allow him to deflect his opponents’ attacks, making them briefly vulnerable or returning the fight to neutral. He’s not easy to master and his neutral can be a bit harsh, but Goh is considerably dangerous in the right hands.

4 Lion rafaele

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Lion Rafaele posing at the opening of the game

Leo has an unusual way of moving, visually speaking. This is due to his Mantis Style Kung Fu. She is a striking type of character who intervenes quickly while applying sequences of quick attacks. These advanced attacks make Leo’s neutral more dangerous. He can move in very quickly and be comfortable at any distance.

One of the things that makes Leon so dangerous is his many low-strike, spinning attacks that can be used to mix up opponents. While he doesn’t do much damage with his attacks, he can constantly strike at different heights. This creates opportunities to break through the opponent’s defense.

3 Taka arashi

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Taka Arashi posing at the opening of the game

Taka is a unique character. He is Virtua Fighter’s heaviest character, being in a class of his own. Being a super heavyweight, Taka doesn’t bounce when knocked down. His super heavy category means that many combos don’t work well on Taka, which is a big advantage he has over other fighters.

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Taka also uses his weight to break down the opponent’s defense. He has very damaging attacks and powerful mid-height strikes. When that is combined with his weight, Taka can get into a fight against any other member of the cast.

2 Jacky bryant

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Jacky Bryant posing at the opening of the game

Jacky is a straight forward type of attacker. His style is Jeet Kune Do, which makes some of his moves similar to Forest Law and Lee Chaolan. Beginner and competitive players can have fun with Jacky. He has many tools at his disposal, with attacks from all heights and distances.

At the higher levels, Jacky really shines. In neutral, it automatically parries high attacks. His Flash Sword Kick, which has a difficult entry, can open up opponents. Jacky’s very damaging flip can be used against crouching opponents and also against aerial approaches. Once players start digging into its complexity, there is a lot to be found.

1 Akira Yuki

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Akira Yuki posing at the opening of the game

Consistently considered the most powerful character in Virtua Fighter, Akira Yuki is also the most difficult to master. It has many attacks which can be used in several different situations. His strikes are powerful, efficient and very damaging. However, Akira is also known to have the most complex entries in the game.

Akira can be played both as a stinging character or as a rushing character. It has plenty of strikes that are taken after a lunge, making it useful at any distance. Akira has a downside, however. He doesn’t have a lot of moves, and the ones he does are easy to mess up. Learning his commands just in the picture is necessary to master this character, and even Akira is sometimes wrong.

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