Vinicius de Oliveira wants to impress Dana White on second recording of “Lookin ‘For A Fight”: “UFC needs someone like me”

Vinicius de Oliveira pledges to wow UFC President Dana White in Abu Dhabi.

“Lok Dog” won the UAE Warriors bantamweight title with a decisive victory over Sultan Zholdoshbekov in January, but did not impress White enough that night when the UFC chief turned his “Lookin ‘For” schedule. A Fight “.

Returning to Abu Dhabi as the 135-pound champion and ready to defend his gold against Sylvester Chipfumbu a day before UFC 267, de Oliveira wants to leave Jiu-Jitsu Arena as a UFC fighter.

“My goal is to be in the biggest promotion in the world and grab the attention of the man in charge,” de Oliveira told MMA Fighting. “Dana White will be there to watch him and I’m sure he will be impressed with my performance. He already knows me, he probably heard my name and watched my fights. He knows about me, he knows I’m a showman, and knows I’m a guy he needs in his company. I believe he will be there to watch my fight.

White is expected to attend UAE Warriors 24 to shoot another episode of “Lookin ‘For A Fight,” but de Oliveira feels no pressure for the UFC president to be seated next to the cage again.

“I forget everything that is going on outside the cage and only listen to my coaches and remember my training camp,” he said. “I don’t feel any pressure with Dana White being there. After I win the fight, of course, I’ll look him straight in the eye and he’ll see I want a chance and hand me the contract on the spot. I already have a pen in my hand.

“I’m sure I would do well in the UFC bantamweight division,” he continued. “I’m the kind of fighter they miss in the business, a showman, someone who talks, who jokes, who goes out there and wins the fight. The UFC needs someone like me. Some people in [the UFC] don’t have the potential, I don’t even know how they got there.

“When I give it my all, you can expect a spectacle and a sure win. I’m sure I’ll get there to become champion and, if it’s up to me, it will be soon.

The 25-year-old Brazilian is 16-2 as a professional and enters the UAE Warriors 24 main event on a five-game winning streak with a trio of knockouts. “Lok Dog” was originally scheduled to face Ray Borg in a bantamweight contest, but the UFC veteran had to step down after testing positive for COVID-19.

De Oliveira feels more “well-rounded” than ever after making full camp for one wrestler to face another striker on Friday, and plans to win quickly to “take my belt back at home”.

“When there is someone else in the cage with me, it’s just me and a rock that I have to push aside or push aside,” he said. “Ray Borg obviously has a bigger name [than Chipfumbu] and a victory over him would put me in a higher place, but I will still make noise. I always do a show for the whole world to probably watch this fight. “

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