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Ultimate Fighter 30 Results: Juliana Miller vs. Claire Guthrie

Juliana Miller has earned a spot in The Ultimate Fighter 30 semi-finals and took some revenge in the process.

In the best fight of the season so far, Miller (2-1) won a unanimous decision over Claire Guthrie (3-1)* after three rounds of fast-paced action. The two previously fought at an Invicta FC event in May 2021, with Guthrie getting a unanimous nod, but Miller’s unbroken offense and superior fight gave him the edge in their rematch.

With the win, Miller is just one fight away from the TUF 30 Flyweight Finals, and Team Julianna Peña now holds a 4-2 lead over Team Amanda Nunes with two fights remaining this season.

Miller came out guns blazing every round, and Guthrie was there to meet her as the two punches traded early. The game plan for Miller was to use his jab to control the reach and then close the distance to create wrestling opportunities. Guthrie’s takedown defense was on point, and she did most of her damage with a strong right hand that Miller repeatedly absorbed. A first round of competition ended with both fighters brawling.

This action spilled over into the second as Miller and Guthrie continued to land clean punches, much to the delight of UFC President Dana White and Forrest Griffin, who sat at the edge of the cage. Guthrie scored his own takedown, but Miller’s ground game gave him doubts about the commitment on the mat, and the fight returned to the feet. The fight turned into an absolute dogfight, with Miller closing out the second round by scoring a bodylock takedown and taking Guthrie’s back.

Unsurprisingly, the first two rounds were split, so the fight went to a third round of “sudden victory”, and it was the relentless Miller who set the tone. She charged through the cage, forcing Guthrie to counter with a bodylock takedown that proved to be the turn of the round. Miller quickly got into position for a kimura, sending them falling to the ground as Guthrie tried to get out of it. The submission wasn’t there, but Miller found herself leading into Guthrie’s half guard, a position she didn’t give up. Miller maintained control while landing enough ground and pounds to convincingly take the round and the fight.

Before the contest, there was a weigh-in drama as Guthrie found herself a pound heavier on the scales. Even after stripping and using another hour in an attempt to gain weight, Guthrie was still around a quarter pound, so it was decided that she would have to cut some of her hair off. It did the trick as she hit 126 pounds to make the fight official.

The final two heavyweights who have yet to compete are set to square off on next week’s episode as Team Peña’s Jordan Heiderman (5-0) battles IA’s Chandler Cole (8-3). Nunes team.

Here are the first round results so far:

Zac Pauga defeats. Nyle Bartling via unanimous decision

Kaytlin Neil defeats. Helen Peralta via split decision

Mohammed Usman defeats. Mitchell Sipe by unanimous decision

Laura Gallardo beats. Kathryn Paprocki by Majority Decision

Eduardo Perez beats. Bobby Maximus via TKO (strikes) (R1, 3:58)

Juliana Miller beats. Claire Guthrie by unanimous decision

On next week’s episode, Team Peña’s Jordan Heiderman fights Team Nunes’ Chandler Cole in a heavyweight bout.

(*TUFF bouts are considered exhibitions and fighters’ professional records are not affected by show results)

Season 30 of The ultimate fighter is trained by UFC bantamweight champion Julianna Peña and UFC featherweight champion Amanda Nunes. Peña defends his title against Nunes in a rematch that serves as the main event of UFC 277 on July 30 in Dallas.

The finalists of TUF 30 The heavyweight and flyweight tournaments will battle it out for a six-figure UFC contract in a final event, the date of which is yet to be announced.

New episodes air at midnight every Monday exclusively on ESPN+.

here is TUF 30 list divided by team:

Team Nunes

Nyle Bartling
Chandler Cole
Eduardo Perez
Mitchell Sipe

Claire Guthrie
Kaytlin Neil
Catherine Paprocki
Brogan walker

Team Pena

Jordan Heiderman
Bobby Maxime
Zac Pauga
Mohammad Ousman

Chantel Coats
Laura Gallardo*
Hannah Guy
Julienne Miller
Helene Peralta

*replacement for Chantel Coates

Passage to the semi-finals: Pauga, Neil, Usman, Gallardo, Perez, Miller

Eliminated: Bartling, Peralta, Sipe, Coates, Paprocki, Maximus, Guthrie