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UFC video games ranked from worst to best

UFC fans have been clamoring for a new MMA video game since EA Sports last released in 2014. Many developers have tried to fill the void, but they all failed in one way or another.

UFC history

Since 1993, the UFC has been a mainstay of mixed martial arts. At first, the promotion was often overshadowed by other larger organizations, but it has since become the premier MMA organization in the world. The UFC has produced some of the greatest fighters in history, especially in his heavyweight champions. Today, its events are broadcast in more than 150 countries around the world.

The UFC first made its official mark in the gaming world with UFC 2009 Undisputed, which was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2009. The game featured a strong roster of UFC fighters and a comprehensive career mode that allowed players to take their fighters from bottom to top right.

However, these games are difficult for novices who may not know the rules. Although the UFC allows for an eclectic mix of martial arts, there are certain practices that fighters should avoid, including hair pulling, hitting below the belt and biting. Luckily, most games are built with these limits already in place, so players can learn what they can and can’t do as they play.

Below is a list of UFC-themed video games, ranked from worst to best.

UFC: Tapout

Starting our list at the bottom is UFC: Tapout. It features iconic UFC fighters including Tito Ortiz, Matt Hughes and Chuck Lidell. Rapper Ice-T also makes an appearance as an unlockable fighter.

The game offers several modes: arcade, championship, exhibition and tournament. It was released in 2002 on Xbox to mixed reviews from critics and gamers.

Although players enjoyed the different modes, they complained that the gameplay was too simplistic and repetitive. Reviewers described the graphics as clunky and dated.

UFC: sudden impact

UFC: Sudden Impact was released in 2004 on PlayStation 2. The game was developed by Opus and published by Global Star.

A step up from UFC Tapout, each fighter has a wide range of fighting styles, including Sumo, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, to name a few. The game also has a story mode, which allows the player to train and become a great fighter.

The game received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the game for its realism and graphics, while others criticized its lack of content and depth.

EA Sports UFC 3

EA Sports UFC is a mixed martial arts video game developed by Electronic Arts. It was released in 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Gamers and critics alike praised it for its impressive graphics and gameplay. However, reviewers also mentioned that by the time they had played multiple rounds of combat, they already found the game repetitive.

career mode, now called GOAT mode, has now been revamped and is a big hit for UFC fans. It uses many techniques from the live sport, which is great for enthusiasts but somewhat daunting for novices.

UFC Undisputed 2010

As the title suggests, UFC Undisputed 2010 was released in 2010. It was developed by Yuke’s and published by THQ. According to critics and players, this is the best UFC game.

The UFC Undisputed series has generally received positive reviews from critics, and the The 2010 version hit the mark In several ways. Learning from the mistakes of 2009, the developers managed to strengthen the graphics. The audience looks livelier and the fighters are so detailed that their tattoos are recognizable.

The gameplay also knocked the ball out of the park, with authentic combat that breaks away from the clunky sequences of previous games. The announcers are also much more charismatic and exciting, creating a natural and believable environment akin to watching a real UFC fight.

Like EA Sports UFC 3, its features are a bit technical for novices, but for serious UFC fans, it offers all the little details they want.