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UFC Vegas 24 results: Andrei Arlovski beats Chase Sherman with savvy veteran

Former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski rebounded from a resounding loss to prospect Tom Aspinall by outscoring veteran Chase Sherman in the UFC Vegas 24 main co-event.

Arlovski won a unanimous score of 29-28, frustrating Sherman with superior movement and speed. At the end of the third round, Sherman lost his temper and assaulted the ex-champion in a last ditch effort to produce a brawl that could favor him.

“I looked for every opportunity to prove that I wasn’t finished,” Arlovski said afterwards.

There was a moment in the first round where it looked like the ex-champ might be about to come out. A big straight from Sherman grabbed him dead and forced him into survival mode. But he rolled with the punches and dodged the worst damage, then claimed a bullet in the groin which gave him a brief reprieve, if not officially.

Sherman got it early with a left hook as Arlovski charged sporadically. Without Arlovski’s speed, he might have been more successful in delivering the revealing blow. And while he and Arlovski have certainly traded their share of big hits, Arlovski has landed more variety.

This was especially true for low kicks, as Arlovski punished Sherman’s calf head and left him unable to plant his foot. In the third round, Sherman advanced cautiously and wasn’t able to throw with the kind of power he had before.

After a legitimate low blow, Sherman made a final attempt to charge his foe and land a big blow. But Arlovski got stuck and moved, and he didn’t bite at Sherman’s invitation.

Less than two months after his loss to Aspinall, 42-year-old Arlovski is back in the winning column again. And although a title shot is unlikely at this point in his career, he is anyone’s opponent.

“My particular future is in the hands of Dana White and [UFC matchmaker] Mick [Maynard]Said Arlovski. “Hopefully a few more years.”

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