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UFC Star vs. Jon Jones: “All Talks, No Action”


Jon Jones has been out of action since UFC 247.

UFC heavyweight contender Jairzinho Rozenstruik remains okay with UFC superstar Jon Jones jumping the line for a title shot against UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, but Rozenstruik believes that the most important aspect of the situation is that nothing is happening at all.

“Jon Jones, if he gets a title shot, that’s good. But right now, the most that has happened in Jon Jones’ story is talk and no action. So we’ll have to see what happens, ”Rozenstruik said.

Rozenstruik previously revealed to Heavy that he wouldn’t avoid facing Jones in a mega-light if he managed to get that chance, but after losing his last fight, he seems more interested this time around in making sure that ‘he overtakes his next opponent.

Also, Rozenstruik knows what the UFC’s plans are right now for the heavyweight division, and all he wants to focus on for himself is getting in the right position to challenge the title.

“At present, [Derrick] Lewis will fight for the title. In the meantime, I want to be busy. I want to fight, keep winning fights and be ready, ”Rozenstruik said.

As for Jones, Rozenstruik wouldn’t put all the blame on this situation with just the fighter or just the UFC. He said it was both their faults.

“It’s both. You know how it is. The guy has his style. He’s got all of his accomplishments, and he’s accomplished a lot, and you can see him whatever you want. He deserves respect, but sometimes people take too long, ”Rozenstruik said.

This is not the style of Rozenstruik.

“I’m more of an action guy,” Rozenstruik said.

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Rozenstruik ‘100%’ still predicts heavyweight gold

Rozenstruik isn’t worried about his recent setbacks inside the Octagon.

Instead, the 33-year-old believes it was just momentary bumps on the wider road to fame. Ahead of his next main fight against Augusto Sakai on Saturday at UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Rozenstruik said he firmly believes he is still destined to win UFC gold.

“At 100%, I’m still in the race. Everything is always the same. I will win this fight this Saturday and we will see who is next, ”said Rozenstruik.

Rozenstruik vs Sakai will take place on Saturday June 5th. The main card begins at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN +, and Rozenstruik can’t wait to get back in the cage.

“I’m happy to be able to fight again. It’s a quick turnaround as I wanted. This is another opportunity for me to set the record straight, ”said Rozenstruik.

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Rozenstruik hopes to bounce back from loss

In his last fight, Rozenstruik suffered a decisive loss to rising heavyweight star Cyril Gane. Rozenstruik believes the five-round fight will ultimately help him become the fighter he wants to be.

“I was in there for 25 minutes, and it didn’t work out in my opinion. So I learned a lot because 25 minutes is a long time to be there and still not to win. I’m looking more to the future and I’m working on a lot of things for myself, ”said Rozenstruik.

Rozenstruik said his performance against Gane was less about what his opponent brought into the cage that night and more about what he wasn’t able to do on his own.

“My coach was angry that we were training a lot, and he didn’t see what we were training,” Rozenstruik said. “But I couldn’t let go. I couldn’t let him out. It was really strange actually. It was just a day off. “

Rozenstruik is no stranger to adversity

Another similar experience was his previous loss to heavyweight monster Francis Ngannou. Unlike his recent fight with Gane, Rozenstruik was starched in that fight in under 30 seconds.

But Rozenstruik said even this setback will help him move forward.

“It was also a learning experience. I mean, they’re two different fighters, two different styles. Gane was playing the cat-and-mouse game, and I wasn’t playing the game. I wasn’t expecting… the big bang. This is not the game I want to play. I want to dictate the pace, create the opening and lay the bombs. This is how I used to fight. I work on a lot of things, ”Rozenstruik said.

Rozenstruik is therefore delighted to take all the data he has compiled so far in his UFC career and use it this weekend against Sakai.

“This Saturday, I’m ready to put on a crazy performance. I can’t wait, ”Rozenstruik said.

Rozenstruik remains a dangerous heavyweight competitor

But Rozenstruik does not only intend to learn from his defeats. The fighter also said his best wins prove what kind of a dangerous competitor he can be.

Indeed, when he took out Alistair Overeem with just a few seconds on the clock in a fight he seemed to lose until that point in December 2019, Rozenstruik proved he was as tough a fighter as any other. in the sport.

“When I fight, I want to fight until the very last second,” Rozenstruik said.

A veteran fighter who compiled over 80 kickboxing victories to his record before moving on to MMA and UFC, Rozenstruik believes his ability to fight through adversity is something that sets him apart from other heavyweight stars. .

“I think that’s one of the strongest attributes,” Rozenstruik said.

At the same time, Rozenstruik knows that time is running out. He’s 5-2 since joining the UFC in 2019, but he’s already approaching his mid-30s. So Rozenstruik knows that time isn’t necessarily on his side, and he’s focused on making the most of his UFC opportunity.

“I learned so much in such a short time. At the same time, I have to show it… Sometimes life is like that. I feel really confident in this fight. I can’t wait to go and let it go, ”Rozenstruik said.

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