UFC legend Frank Mir ‘will learn from mistakes’ Conor McGregor made against Floyd Mayweather in Steve Cunningham fight

FRANK MIR has vowed to learn from the mistakes Conor McGregor made against Floyd Mayweather when he traded the cage for the ring.

Mir takes on boxer Steve Cunningham on Saturday, with Jake Paul and Ben Askren headlining the night, exclusive to FITE UK.


UFC legend and former heavyweight champion Frank MirCredit: Getty
Conor McGregor was beaten by Floyd Mayweather in 2017


Conor McGregor was beaten by Floyd Mayweather in 2017Credit: Getty Images – Getty

The last time a former UFC champion stepped in the ring, McGregor lost to the all-time great Mayweather in ten rounds.

Throughout the build-up, the Irishman warned fans would witness an unprecedented performance, armed with unpredictability.

In fact, McGregor boxed in a very conventional and successful manner, winning the first few rounds before tiring himself late and being arrested.

But Mir, who won twice UFC gold, vowed he would ditch traditional boxing tactics to leave even 39-fight veteran Cunningham stumped.

He told SunSport: “Trying to change into a boxer would be a mistake, how am I going to be a boxer in eight weeks? It’s impossible.

“But we do hands in MMA and we throw punches, but there is a basis in boxing and the intricacies and different styles in MMA can bother a lot of boxers.

“I saw it where I went to the gyms, my style is hard for the conventional boxer to fight, it’s just different.

“You’ve seen Conor do that sometimes, he took angles and MMA footwork and got it on Mayweather but he kind of got behind him and did showboeing.

“These are the mistakes he made and we will learn from them. I will use the different angles, attacks and strategies that we use in MMA.

“I’m also going to make sure I hurt her when I’m in these positions, take advantage of it.”

Mir, 41, left the UFC in 2017 before signing for rival Bellator, where he lost his first two fights before coming back with a win in 2019.

He’s one of the more seasoned activists on the list, but was forced to start from the bottom when he signed on to make his boxing debut with Triller.

Mir was initially scheduled to face American legend Antonio Tarver, 52, before Cunningham, 44, was replaced instead.

The sport’s transition to his age caused Mir to eliminate any complacency he had then in the prime of his life from his MMA career.

He admitted, “All humans are good at bulls themselves. Where my bulls came from, I always knew I was smarter than any guy I fought with.

“So I’d be like I know more about fights than the guy I’m fighting, so I could be like, ‘Oh, I’m going to skip this session.’

Steve Cunningham and Frank Mir fight over Jake Paul's undercard


Steve Cunningham and Frank Mir fight over Jake Paul’s undercardCredit: Getty
Steve Cunningham has been recruited to replace Antonio Tarver


Steve Cunningham has been recruited to replace Antonio TarverCredit: Getty

“It was arrogance, now I’m fighting in a boxing match, now I’m not the smartest so I have to be in better shape, do the basics, be sharp and not make mistakes.”

Mir backed Askren’s experience to trump Paul’s youth and skills in the night’s main event, predicting a points victory for the Olympic wrestler.

But he opened the door to one day fighting Paul, the 24-year-old YouTuber star, provided they can find a way around the weight disparity.

Mir said: “I don’t know if they would do that, because it’s a big big difference, but yeah, I would definitely be up for it.

“Simply because it’s a great way to go out on big platforms as martial artists. The more we can fight in front of people, the more it is a showcase.

“All athletes and performers like to go out in front of a crowd because it’s like it’s our real paycheck.

“Yes, we get paid and there is a dollar value, but really having people valuing our accomplishments is really one of the big things fighters are looking for when it comes to payments.

“So fighting on a big stage with an opponent who can draw that crowd and show off your skills is the ultimate gift.”

Frank Mir left the UFC in 2017 and signed for Bellator


Frank Mir left the UFC in 2017 and signed for Bellator
Jake Paul is 2-0 in his boxing career


Jake Paul is 2-0 in his boxing careerCredit: Instagram

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