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UFC headliner Dumont “struggles to survive”: “I don’t have $ 50 to lose”


Featherweight competitor Norma Dumont is set to play her very first fight in the UFC main event, and the timing couldn’t have been better for the Brazilian. Paired with hopeful Aspen Ladd for next Saturday’s UFC Vegas 40, she has high hopes for the outcome of the fight.

In an interview with Combate, Dumont commented on her current financial situation and how she needs all the dollars she can get to turn things around. At the moment, Norma claims to have little to no money in the bank, but the chance to earn a big salary motivates her even more to perform well against Ladd.

“I fight to survive, to live, to pay the rent, my bills. This is what some do not understand. I never had a good financial situation. I have always worked. People who are close to me know that. People think that because I’m in UFC in Vegas I have to swim in the money. Since we moved here we’ve been doing food deliveries, now Johnny (Vieira, Norma’s trainer) works at the gym, but he doesn’t earn much, it’s enough to pay the rent. I have some support to cover food and supplements, but that’s the minimum. If I show you what I have in the bank, I don’t have $ 50 to spare. No lie, it’s the truth. My manager helps me a lot, otherwise I would have already returned to Brazil. It’s not a problem for me, it’s fuel. I have to do my job.

Now that she lives in the United States, Norma has started to understand better how difficult the life of a UFC fighter can be when it comes to money. Going forward, Dumont hopes the promotion can take better care of their athletes and suggests a monthly payment for fighters who cannot compete regularly.

“When I lived in Brazil, I didn’t think UFC fighters were poorly paid. I thought it was good because I would convert it (to reais). But it is difficult for those who live in the United States, because our expenses are also in dollars. It’s not a monthly thing either. We get paid every four months or so, if you’re an active fighter. If you hurt yourself, you’re screwed. You don’t know when you come back to the cage. I think it would be nice if the UFC paid a minimum monthly salary of three or five thousand dollars. Then when a person fights, they would do what they are already doing today. Then you can survive for a few months and when you get the fight money you can actually make the money. Maybe it will be better when I renew my contract. The amount is really low in your first UFC contract. If you’re in Brazil saying we have no reason to complain, come to the US and see you wouldn’t last three months here with your first UFC test. It’s reality.

Originally scheduled to take on former champion Holly Holm, Dumont suddenly saw herself changing her opponent when the “Preacher’s Daughter” had to leave the fight. Now paired with Ladd, Norma thinks that being patient and playing smart against an aggressive opponent is a smart plan to follow.

“Patience, always. It is not my style to go in and out of range hitting, I am a counter attacker. Our styles go well together. Aspen’s style is swinging and he goes well with counterattackers. I don’t mind being within striking range all the time. It’s tough against Holly, because she’s running around and when you try to get close she hits you. You must know how to corner Holly.

“You have to know how to control the fight for five rounds. Norma continued. “If you empty your tank in the first two laps, the next three will be a matter of the heart. Holly has it. Aspen doesn’t. After my loss, I learned that being patient in the cage is something sacred, something necessary. I’m going to be cool, counter, while waiting for Aspen to come to me. Because she’s going to do it, that’s what she’s doing. So they’re an interesting couple.

Currently on a two-game winning streak, Dumont (6-1) has won decisive victories against Felicia Spencer and Ashlee Evans-Smith in his last outings. The 31-year-old’s last and only loss came in February 2020, when she was eliminated by former title challenger Megan Anderson.

Now Dumont is set to meet Ladd at UFC Vegas 40 on October 16. The card is set to take place at UFC Apex, in Las Vegas, Nevada.