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UFC ‘Contender Series’ Results: Live Stream Updates – Season 6, Ep. Seven

After ripping off the roof of the Accor Arena last Saturday, the Octagon returns to APEX tonight (Tuesday, September 6, 2022) at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN+ for the final episode of Dana White’s Contender Series (DWCS) .

Last week saw another full bingo, with all five winners taking home contracts. Swift submissions from Blake Bilder, Mateusz Rebecki and Sedriques Dumas joined Viktoriya Dudakova’s brave upset and Yusaku Kinoshita’s brutal knockout finish for an action-packed evening.

Tonight’s Brazilian light heavyweight main event sees LFA veteran Rodolfo Bellato (8-1) take on Vitor Petrino (6-0), who handed Team Nogueira’s ‘Trator’ his only pro loss in 2019. Their compatriot, LFA welterweight champion Gabriel Bonfim (12-0) takes on Trey Waters (6-0) in the co-feature. ATT Atlanta’s Karl Williams (6-1) battles Jimmy Lawson (4-1) in the only heavyweight attraction of the night, Ismael Bonfim (17-3) tries to stop Azerbaijani star Nariman Abbasov (28-3) and Tereza Bleda (5-0) collides with Nayara Maia (7-0-1) in an undefeated Strawweights clash.

Contender Series Quick Results:

Rodolfo Bellato vs. Vitor Petrino
Gabriel Bonfim vs. Trey Waters
Karl Williams vs. Jimmy Lawson – Williams defeats. Lawson via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Ismael Bonfim vs. Nariman Abbasov — Bonfim defeats. Abbasov by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Tereza Bleda vs. Nayara Maia – Bleda defeats. Maia by unanimous decision (30-26 x3)

“Contender Series” Play-By-Play Results:

205 pounds: Rodolfo Bellato vs. Vitor Petrino

First round :

Second round:

Third round:

Final result:

170 pounds: Gabriel Bonfim vs. Trey Waters

First round :

Second round:

Third round:

Final result:

265 pounds: Karl Williams vs. Jimmy Lawson

First round: Jab and 1-2 from Williams. Solid low kick. Lawson pushes forward, but overextends on a left hook and gets taken down to half guard. One minute. Short punches landing for Williams. Lawson turns for a leg, hard eats left hand two minutes later. Full custody. Lawson stuck his back against the fence. He drops to his knees and gets back to his feet, eating punches as he does. Williams stays tied and puts him back in half guard with two minutes to go.

Short punches from Williams. One more minute. Lawson has a hook, Williams does a good job of keeping control. 10-9 Williams.

Round two: Instant kicks from Williams to the midsection. Knee kick. Lawson looks a little tired. Williams lands a flurry and scores another takedown a minute later. Half guard. Williams recovers for some heavy punches before switching north-south two minutes later. Short left hands. Lawson drops to his knees. Full back edit with two minutes to go.

Lawson falls off the top and Williams turns into top position against the fence. Williams spins and this time it’s Lawson who gets too impatient and loses position. He’s looking for a leg, nothing there with a minute to go. Hard hammers from Williams, basically sitting on Lawson. Lateral control. 10-9 Williams.

Third round: both men were warned for outstretched fingers. Williams wanders off and Lawson takes a long time to recover. Low kick from Williams. 1-2s are missing. A minute later. Left hooks from Williams, then a heavy cross which he capitalizes on to land on top in half guard. Body shots. Two minutes. Short punches. Lawson doesn’t offer much of his back. Brief guillotine attempt doomed to failure two minutes from the end.

Short left from Williams. Lawson tries to sit up, he can’t. One more minute. Williams works his way up, then looks to squeeze an arm triangle. No dice. 10-9 Williams.

Final result: Williams def. Lawson by unanimous decision

155 pounds: Ismael Bonfim vs. Nariman Abbasov

Round One: Both shoot low kicks. Good right hand from Abbasov met by a flying body kick. Counter hook from Bonfim and another hard low kick as Abbasov stalks. Big exchange. A minute later. A body shot to the head from Bonfim sends Abbasov back. Another nice photo below. I’m really looking for it now. Kick to the body, left hook. Abbasov reversed the lead two minutes later. Bonfim rips another low hook. Abbasov lands an overhand right, eats one in return that sends him teetering back. Another lubed right puts it down, then a left does the same as Abbasov tries to get up. Abbasov soaks it all up, tries a throw and puts it on the fence. Two more minutes.

Nice trip from Abbasov, best stand-up from Bonfim. Bonfim stalks. Nice cross from Abbasov, tries to spin behind him, lands a kick to the body. Hard 1-2 from Bonfim in return. One more minute. Abbasov low kick, Bonfim double jab. More bodywork from Bonfim. Big knee to the left hook. Blows with truncheons against the Bonfim fence. Continue to do damage. Abbasov is looking to bounce back late. 10-8 Bonfim.

Second round: short delay to settle something about Abbasov’s glove. Forehand from Abbasov, who loses ground. The hard counter right lands for Bonfim and Abbasov tries to come back. A minute later. The clean hook draws a nod from Abbasov. Bonfim hits the body again with that left hook. Abbasov tries to turn. Two minutes. Bonfim in full control, rips another body shot. Abbasov lands low kicks as he eats jabs. He eats another body shot, failing with his swings. Two more minutes.

Check hook from Bonfim, who eats a body kick. Keep winning the jab battle. Abbasov attempts a long-range shot, eats a body kick for his problem. One more minute. Punch hook by Abbasov, who tries to get open on the fence. Another blow to the body from Bonfim. Abbasov 1-1-2. 10-9 Bonfim.

Third round: Low blow from Abbasov. Bonfim advances, eats a jab and 2-3. Kick to the body by Abbasov. One minute. Bonfim counters in the central cage. Another 2-3 looping by Abbasov. Bonfim slips out of reach with a flurry two minutes later. He’s still moving well but not throwing as much this round. Shoot shots. Abbasov absorbs another shot to the body after landing a hook. Double hit. Two more minutes.

Abbasov still throws, doesn’t land cleanly. Bonfim chooses his shots. Big blitz attempt by Abbasov, nothing follows. Bonfim hits him with a hook and a jab. One more minute. Exchange of blows. Abbasov tries in vain to chase him. Bonfim to the body. Abbasov goes there at the last minute. Hard exchange. Bonfim attempts a late double, then a suplex. 10-9 Bonfim.

Final result: Bonfim defeated. Abbasov by unanimous decision

125 lbs: Tereza Bleda vs. Nayara Maia

First round: the exchanges start to begin. Bleda times her level change as Maia steps in and brings her down to half guard. Maia searches for a leg, Bleda tries to respond in kind. Maia uses it to take first place a minute later. Nice sweep from Bleda in the upper guard. Two minutes. Short punches from Bleda. Maia tries to hook her foot under Bleda’s arm, can’t hold it with two minutes to go.

Elbow from Bleda, staying tight on top. Looking for half guard as Maia holds up a kimura with a minute to go. Maia regains guard and locks in a triangle, which Bleda positions before winning the run and repelling a late leglock attempt. 10-9 Bléda.

Second round: the doctor comes in to check Maia’s right eye, but she is ready to continue. Good crossing of Bleda. Low kicks, avoid clinch. Maia kicks Bleda low for a takedown on guard. A minute later, Maia stands over her and kicks her in the legs, not jumping on Bleda as the latter is standing. Solid boxing from Bleda. Gnarled shot. She catches a kick and Maia rolls for a knee brace. Bleda slips in and drops the punches two minutes later. Continuing to land solidly on the ground and pound. Two more minutes.

Bleda lands in half guard. Trying to pin an arm is impossible. Maia regains custody. One more minute. Bleda remains heavy, crushes with punches. 10-9 Bléda.

Third round: 1-2 pitches for Bleda. Brief clinch, good knee. Winged Maia punches, then fires a shot which Bleda sprawles on. Bleda looks for the back, settles for half guard. Back to full, back to half a minute. Landing short right hand for Bleda over the top. Two minutes. Other blows accumulate. Maia tries to turn around for a leg, then drops to one knee before giving up half guard with two minutes to go.

Bleda continuing to pile ground and hammer. She uses a hook to get to her feet, but a knee to the body sends her crashing back to the mat. Bleda continues to drop punches and elbows. One more minute. Head and body landing to the bell. 10-8 Bléda.

Final result: Bleda defeated. Maia by unanimous decision

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