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UFC ‘Contender Series’ Results: Live Stream Updates – Season 6, Ep. 5

While there’s no Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event next Saturday, Dana White’s Contender Series (DWCS) brings the mixed martial arts (MMA) action we crave tonight (Tuesday 23 August 2022) at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN+.

Last week’s episode 4 produced a full house of contract winners. Nazy Sadykhov’s vicious one-punch finish over Ahmad Suhail Hassanzada, Hailey Cowan’s ultra-thin decision over Claudia Leita, Jose Johnson’s redemption win over Jack Cartwright, Claudio Ribeiro’s monster left hook over Ivan Valenzuela and Esteban Ribovics’ brutal 90-second knockout of Thomas Paull impressed the brass enough to earn a call-up to the Octagon proper.

This time we have a heavyweight main event pitting Eduardo Neves (5-0) against Michael Parkin (5-0) in a clash of undefeated youngsters with 100% knockout rates. At 170, the GFC title roster Amiran Gogoladze (14-2) is trying to become the last Georgian star in the UFC at the expense of Darrius Flowers (11-5-1). DWCS veteran flyweight Erisson Ferreira (11-1) returns to the program against Jesus Santos Aguilar (7-1), Josh Wang-Kim (5-1) faces EFC bantamweight champion Cameron Saaiman (5-0) and Denise Gomes (5-1) fights Rayanne Amanda (11-5) in the Brazilian strawweight opener.

Contender Series Quick Results:

Eduardo Neves vs. Michael Parkin – Parkin defeats. Neves by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:57 of the first round
Amiran Gogoladze vs. Darrius Flowers – Flowers def. Gogoladze by TKO (shoulder injury via slam) at 1:13 of the first round
Erisson Ferreira vs. Jesus Santos Aguilar – Aguilar def. Ferreira by submission (guillotine choke) at 1:56 of round three
Josh Wang-Kim vs. Cameron Saaiman – Saaiman defeats. Wang-Kim by KO (punch) at 2:52 of the third round
Denise Gomes vs. Rayanne Amanda – Gomes defeats. Amanda by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

“Contender Series” Play-By-Play Results:

265 pounds: Eduardo Neves vs. Michael Parkin

Round one: Low kick from Neves to start, then a hard right hand in the clinch. Parkin reverses, then they go their separate ways. Parkin’s hard two-piece counter wobbles Neves, but he resists it and hurts Parkin with a four-piece before knocking him down. Step back, step back, step back. Elbow-to-elbow spinning by Neves, but Parkin grabs a back waist lock a minute later and turtles him down. Neves progresses, but gives up a double leg. Parkin completes an RNC as Neves tries to get up and there’s the tap.

Final result: Parkin defeated. Neves by submission (rear naked choke)

170 lbs: Amiran Gogoladze vs. Darrius Flowers

First round: Body kicks from Gogoladze, who shoots a big right before clinching. Flowers knock down against the fence. Attempt outside stumble, ends up on bottom, tries inverted triangle. Flowers pushes his way through and the impact is enough to separate Gogoladze’s shoulder.

Final result: Flowers def. Gogoladze by TKO (shoulder injury by slam)

125 pounds: Erisson Ferreira vs. Jesus Santos Aguilar

First round: Aguilar shoots early, denied. Low kick from Ferreira. Aguilar’s knockdown fails. Nasty 1-2 from Ferreira which somehow has no effect. Good low kick met by big swings from Aguilar. Ferreira attempts a flying knee a minute later. Nice double leg from Aguilar, which lands in a guillotine. Ferreira trying to free his legs, does so and finishes his guard. Aguilar breaks free, but Ferreira pushes him away and holds on for two minutes. Low kick from Ferreira. Aguilar attempts an inside harvest and ends up deep in the guard. Elbow from Ferreira, and he finishes a guillotine as Aguilar stands. Again, Aguilar breaks free and completes a body lock. Hard knees to the body. Two more minutes.

Ferreira frames Aguilar, and Aguilar’s attempted response ends with the latter going up. Ferreira takes the back with a minute to go. It is too high, manages to adapt. Aguilar slips through the back door and finishes the round by blasting the guard. 10-9 Ferreira.

Round Two: Both throw heavy punches to start the round. Aguilar retreats, tries a single leg, re-shoots after losing it. Ferreira gets double hooks and muscle to the mat. A minute later. Aguilar considers an armbar, then sits down for a single leg. Looking to take the back two minutes. Lateral control. Now the back, the two hooks. Trying to flatten Ferreira. Two more minutes.

Short punches from Aguilar. Things slow down as Ferreira tries to dislodge the hooks. One more minute. Ferreira goes on guard with 15 seconds to go. 10-9 Aguilar.

Round three: Aguilar lands huge curling hooks before doubling Ferreira to the mat. A minute later, Ferreira drops to his knees and Aguilar falls back for an airtight guillotine to force the tap.

Final result: Aguilar defeated. Ferreira by submission (guillotine choke)

135 pounds: Josh Wang-Kim vs. Cameron Saaiman

First round: Saaiman low kick, Wang-Kim side kicks. Wang-Kim attempts a head kick. Saaiman focusing on low kicks. Nice against party at the minute. Kick to the body met by a side kick to the knee from Wang-Kim. Wang-Kim standing extremely sharp, splits the guard with a straight left. Two minutes. The front kick lands for him. Low blow from Saaiman in return. Wang-Kim counters a low kick with a straight left. Low blow exchange. Saaiman tries to spin. Body kick from Wang-Kim. Two more minutes.

Wang-Kim attempts a jump knee, puts Saaiman on the fence. They split up a minute from the end. Saaiman goes for a back kick, eats a body kick. Counter left from Saaiman, jab from Wang-Kim in return. Saaiman fails with an elbow. 10-9 Saiman?

Round two: Passing from the left to the knee of Wang-Kim, who counters a takedown to land on top in half guard. Right side control. Saaiman rushes to the fence, slaps Wang-Kim a bit as he tries to push his way out. Now he hooks a guillotine on the way up and forces WAng-Kim onto his back before losing it. Wang-Kim gets up and separates in no time. Two minutes. Combination of Saaiman. Wang-Kim looks to land his as he backs up near the fence. Counter elbow. Saaiman lead hook and counter on the left. 1-2, then another 2 shortly after. Two more minutes.

Saaiman attempts a pair of head kicks. 1-2 fails. Uppercut-cross connects. Exchange of body shots. Wang-Kim’s production has dropped significantly. One more minute. Saaiman constantly supports Wang-Kim near the fence. Two-piece counter by Wang-Kim. Saaiman continues to move forward and work. Single to double low kick to land high against the fence. Body kick on the way up. 10-9 Saiman.

Third round: Against 1-2 from Wang-Kim. Saaiman still in the lead. Brazilian kick attempt met by body kicks from Wang-Kim. Hard low kicks from Saaiman a minute later. Attempted low kick to wheelie kick. Wang-Kim responds to a back kick attempt with a kick to the body. Saaiman attempts a combination on the fence. Wang-Kim attempts a head kick. Not many super clean connections after two minutes. Kick from Wang-Kim. Tip Saaiman. Still under pressure, keeping Wang-Kim close to the fence. They trade as Wang-Kim’s back hits the side of the cage and a monster left hand from Saaiman immediately knocks out Wang-Kim’s lights.

Final result: Saaiman defeats. Wang-Kim by KO (punch)

115 pounds: Denise Gomes vs. Rayanne Amanda

Round 1: Low kick from Amanda to start. Very light on his feet. Low kick from Gomes. Both missing right hand. Body kick by Amanda. A minute later. Gomes is looking for counter-rights. There’s a heavy combo from Amanda. Gomes headbutt, breaks a rotation, absorbs a flurry. A low kick two minutes later. A chilling wheel kick lands for her and she’s on the attack. Elbow and short cross. The following wheel kicks are missing. Amanda times a low kick from Gomes for a takedown, stays tied on the way up. Two more minutes.

Gomes catches a standing kimura as they argue for position. No dice, lend a nudge. They split up a minute from the end. Lead hook from Gomes, counter hook Amanda. Another wheel kick missed by Gomes. 1-2 to the body. Sharp jab by Amanda. She ties up in the final seconds, gets caught in another standing kimura. 10-9 Gomes.

Round two: Gomes advances, throws kicks. Amanda shoots, denied. Gomes sniffs another wheel kick, fires a 1-2-1 behind him. Low kick from Gomes. They trade on the fence a minute later, neither lands. Counter hard right by Amanda to respond to a low kick. Straight hard kick from Gomes. Amanda times Gomes’ flying knee to knock her down and look for the back. Gomes dodges the hooks, stands and splits. Jab trades two minutes. Low kick and head kick from Gomes. More low blows. Attempt to rotate the elbow. Jabs by Amanda as she spins around. Two more minutes.

Negotiating near the fence, Amanda gains the upper hand. 1-2 around the guard. Heavy combo from Gomes on the fence, sneaky elbow to top it all off. Low kick to head kick. Amanda tries to fight back as she retreats. Nice 1-2. Heavy shots from Gomes in return with one minute remaining. Another wheel kick attempt, more combination work. Amanda still fights back, cracking her with a looping knockdown. She throws elbows in the final seconds. 10-9 Gomes.

Third round: Amanda withdraws behind the jab. Gomes looks to land against the fence. Exchange heat. Low kick and shot to the body from Gomes, the spinning elbow just missing a minute. Kick back to the body. Still firing low kicks, lands a jab as they trade. Amanda counters a spin with a combination two minutes later. Strong flurry from Gomes, continuing along the fence. Head to the right to elbow to knee. Amanda retreats but still tries to bounce back. Right hand hard as they trade with two minutes to go.

Gomes attempts a left hook to the knee. Another left hook met by an Amanda jab. Low kick and jabs from Gomes. One more minute. Continue to trade jabs. Amanda 1-2 fails. Hard counter from the right of Gomes, avoiding an elbow in passing. Both land heavy blows. Nice knees from Gomes inside. Low blow exchange. One last knee. 10-9 Gomes.

Final result: Gomes defeated. Amanda by unanimous decision

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