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UFC 5: Five things we want to see

EA has a monopoly on UFC games for the next ten years. However, after EA UFC 5EA plans to step up a gear to develop the return of the A night of fighting franchise. That said, here are five things EA should do to ensure UFC 5 has a long life cycle.

UFC 5: Five things we want to see

Add pride mode

Pride Mode was a fantastic feature in UFC undisputed 3. If you’re not familiar with Pride, it was an MMA organization based in Japan. The rules differed from the Unified MMA Rules, allowing for stomps, kicks and knees to the head of opponents on the ground. EA’s first dose of MMA games, EA MMA, presented these rules, but they have not returned to them since acquiring the UFC license. EA UFC 4 added Kumite and Backyard mode. However, it does not add anything different. If they add Pride in EA UFC 5I hope that makes it fresh.

Career Mode Adjustments

Career mode in EA UFC 4 is funny. It can be difficult and force people to learn the game. However, you end up fighting the same people multiple times. EA should either add random characters to it or have a more in-depth roster. Since The Ultimate Fighter returns, it could possibly feature multiple story routes.

Semi-regular roster updates

cfu doesn’t need regular list updates like mad. However, they should add more fighters to the game. Paddy Pimblett, Adrian Yanez and other highly touted prospects only make the roster more comprehensive and give players options on different fighters. EA UFC 2, 3and 4 have added fantasy fighters to the roster. There’s nothing wrong with that, however, it’s best balanced with a well-balanced and deep modern roster.

For instance, NBA 2K adds a few playable celebrities to the game. Drake, Justin Bieber, and Snoop Dogg were all playable characters in the game. However, their inclusion hasn’t stopped them from keeping the roster up to date.

Grappling needs to be smoother

Start working on UFC EA has always been random. We tend to be more forgiving because grappling is hard to grab. EA UFC 4 took a few steps in the right direction. It features simple controls for beginners and legacy controls for intermediate and expert grapplers.

One adjustment to make is to punish failed takedown attempts. Players who spam kills unsuccessfully should probably be more vulnerable or gassed given the exhaustion of the struggle. However, there are a few exceptions to this.

Make every fighter unique

Every fighter is different. From the way they hold their hands to the way they throw punches, each fighter has a unique style. It must be reproduced accurately. EA should remove a page from the ESBC playbook and capture each fighter’s footwork. It would feel fresh and breathe life into the gameplay. ESBC captures all the basic moves of fighters in the game. From Roy Jones Jr to Lomachenko, every boxer moves differently.

In NBA 2K, most players feel a little different from each other. For example, Kevin Durant moves very differently from Trae Young or LeBron James. Likewise, it should go for every fighter. Israel Adesanya and Stephen Thompson feel similar despite their different styles. Although you can mimic their actual styles, the basic moves are the same. EA could capture each fighter’s basic moves so that each fighter feels unique.

What do you think EA should do to EA UFC 5 better? Let us know in the comments.

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