UFC 4: Tips Every New Player Should Know

EA Sports’ UFC 4 recently joined the likes of FIFA 21, NHL 21, and Madden 21 on Game Pass after its recent addition to EA Play. The game was originally released in August 2020 and is EA’s latest MMA offering, coming more than two years later. UFC 3.

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The core gameplay of UFC 4 is very similar to its predecessor, although some mechanics have been revised to make the experience more accessible to new players, especially ground play. Still, there are a lot of people who download the fighting game from EA Play who are completely new to the series and maybe even to the sport of MMA as well. These tips are for them.

ten Always keep an eye on endurance

UFC 4 combat gameplay in a fantastic setting

Many beginner players will start UFC 4, learn what are the buttons of headshots and punches, then send them over and over again in the hopes of getting a cinematic knockout. Like most fighting games, this strategy will often end in a quick defeat.

In the case of UFC 4, the main reason it is such a problem is endurance. As is the case in real MMA, fighters need to save energy in case the match goes on or else they will be sitting ducks for their opponent to finish.

9 Don’t abuse dodging

Kimbo's punch is dodged

As a result of the previous entry, it’s common for new players to constantly wave the right stick in an attempt to dodge punches like Muhammed Ali in his prime. Unlike some fighting games, dodge drains player stamina at a deceptively high rate into UFC 4, so overdoing it is a big mistake.

That’s not to say that dodge shouldn’t be used at all, because of course it does have its uses. However, it should be used sparingly to avoid being gassed in the early rounds.

8 Master the mechanics of submission

Submission Mechanic

As mentioned earlier, most new players spend their first few hours in the game trying to get perfect knockouts, so submissions are largely ignored. While not as flashy as knockouts, submissions are how about 25% of UFC fights are over, so it is important to learn mechanics.

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Fortunately, the game has in-depth tutorials for submissions, so players can be up to date before they have their first fight.

7 Keep your hands up

The fighters come together with their hands in the air

Anyone who has been trained in combat will no doubt have heard the phrase “keep your hands up” over and over again. The reason why fighters keep their hands up isn’t too hard to fathom – it defends the fighter’s head while also keeping the hands at a good height to receive their own punches to the head.

Players should adopt this simple strategy in UFC 4, making sure their hands are raised as often as possible. Of course, players have to deal with body hits as well, but raising their hands should always be the default position.

6 Clinch in case of problem

The fighters drop out

In any professional fight, whether it’s boxing, kickboxing, or MMA, fighters are likely to drop out multiple times. Floyd Mayweather is particularly well known for his melee, as the defensive first fighter will often hang on to his opponents if they start to gain the upper hand.

When receiving hard hits, landing or even shooting down is a great way to stop an opponent’s momentum. Remember, unlike boxing, MMA fighters can elbow, knee, and take down their opponent in melee, so be sure not to be complacent.

5 Set up major strikes with jabs

Headbutt jumped

UFC 4 allows players to perform extraordinary moves in an attempt to replicate some of the greatest knockouts in MMA history. Backward punches, superman punches, and jumped round kicks are all implemented in the game, although players should think carefully before throwing them.

Not only does throwing daring knockout attempts drain stamina as mentioned earlier, but it also makes the player very predictable and easy to pull apart. Instead, it’s best to set up big hits with a few jabs, as this will create a better opening while gaining a foothold on the scoreboard.

4 Focus on combos

Conor punches the head

Continuing from the previous point, it is practical to memorize a handful of reliable combos, which play on the strengths of the chosen fighter and have been worked on in the training mode of the game. These combos do not need to be too much. thorough to begin with, just a few one-two combinations that aim to create an opening and surprise the opponent. Once new players are comfortable with a few one-two, they can then move on to more complex combinations.

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UFC 4 is designed to reward those who use combos, so players should implement them in their fights as soon as possible.

3 Choose a fighter suited to your playstyle

Khabib celebrating

As the name of mixed martial arts suggests, the sport features fighters with a huge range of styles, from Muay Thai to Brazilian jiu-jitsu and kickboxing.

Therefore, when selecting a fighter, players should make sure that they are choosing someone who is compatible with their game plan. For example, if players are aiming for a quick knockout, they should go for a hard-hitting kickboxer. While those who are considering ending up with a submission will need someone who is familiar with Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

2 Don’t ignore body kicks and leg kicks

Adesanya spinning kick in the fantastic equipment and arena

Considering that knockouts happen when someone is hit in the head, many new players think swinging for that area with every strike makes sense. However, this can create a lot of problems.

For starters, constantly swinging for the head will make the player extremely easy to predict, allowing the opponent to block, dodge, and counter with ease. Additionally, body and leg kicks have a plethora of benefits, such as warning the opponent, causing them to overprotect a certain area, or even force them to give up if they take too many punishments on a specific game. from the body.

1 When an opponent is shaken, go all the way

Khabib jump kick

As new players start to improve at UFC 4, they will start to deal flush blows that will tip their opponent. It’s easy to know when this happened as there will be plenty of audio and visual indicators, such as stamina and the corresponding health bar flashing.

When an opponent is shaken, throwing the game plan out the window and starting to swing towards the fences suddenly becomes a solid idea. True, there is always a chance that the opponent will pull off a counterattacking shot, although its chances are slim and the opportunity to finish the opponent should not be wasted.

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