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Tradewind Finance raises line of credit to $10 million for Pakistani garment manufacturer

DUBAIWATER, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Tradewind Finance Setup for a Basic Garment Manufacturer Based in Pakistan has increased tenfold in recent months. After receiving $1 million in seed funding, the customer, who sells to brands like Amazon, now benefits from a revolving facility worth $10 million.

Unlike traditional bank loans, which depend on the customer’s balance sheet and ability to borrow, Tradewind offers convenient, non-recourse lines of trade facilities that grow with business sales and required order volume. The Tradewind team was able to respond immediately to the client’s needs, increasing the client’s line of credit to facilitate the growing volume of orders.

“Scalable financing is a strategic tool available to our customers who are experiencing rapid growth in their businesses. With a wider range of facilities, Tradewind’s client was able to enter new markets smoothly and safely,” notes Soheil ZaliRegional Commercial Director and Board of Tradewind Middle East Limited.

Thanks to the financing, the client was able to continue to offer extended payment terms to its customers, mainly located in Europe and the United States The ability to offer flexible payment schedules and quickly process larger orders helped strengthen the customer’s position in the apparel supply market.

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