Top 10 Saharan Sunrises and Sunsets in Michigan

Saharan dust has arrived high in the atmosphere over the Great Lakes region. Sunlight through the dust can create magical skies in Michigan. Here are the 10 best sun scenes from the past few days.

Sunset near Petoskey on June 29, 2020 Photo courtesy of Cyndie Miller

2-Larry Puskar-charlevoix-June-29-2020.jpg

Sunset in Charlevoix on June 29, 2020 photo courtesy of Larry Puskar

Solar pillars are one way of knowing that you are probably watching a dusty sunrise or sunset. A solar pillar is a trail of sun that springs directly from the sun.


Empire, MI sunset June 29, 2020. Photo Courtesy of Tim Griffith


Sunrise over Lake Higgins on June 20, 2020. Photo courtesy of Melissa Seitz


Sunset over Saginaw Bay on June 29, 2020. Photo courtesy of Linda Clark


Sunset June 28, 2020 over Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City. Photo courtesy of John Robert Williams


Sunset over a Lake Michigan June 29, 2020 Photo courtesy of Billy and Sarah Ball


Sunset at Sylvan Lake on June 29, 2020. Photo courtesy of Pamela Todoroff


Sunset over Lake Michigan in Glen Arbor on June 29, 2020 Photo courtesy of Laura Bresson


Sunset on the Mackinac Bridge on June 29, 2020. Photo courtesy of David-Nickola

Dusty sunrises and sunsets may not end abruptly. The upper atmosphere will not move much over the next week. The dust in the upper atmosphere now is likely to linger in the upper atmosphere.

Three more batches of Saharan dust are also expected to cross the Atlantic and hover in the US skies over the next week.

There should be plenty of great sunsets and sunrises coming next week, in case you missed it last night.

If you took a great photo of the sunrise or sunset, please submit it here.

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