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Tony Ferguson hits back at ‘hiding’ Dustin Poirier, ‘fake’ Conor McGregor

Tony Ferguson is less than 48 hours away from the ugliest knockout of his career, but he’s already back to trading snaps on social media with his peers.

On Monday, Ferguson took to Twitter to address UFC stars Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor, two fighters who had something to say about what happened at UFC 274 last Saturday.

Ferguson responded first to Poirier, who tweeted “I’m better than those guys” around noon Sunday. “El Cucuy” objected to this and responded as follows:

“You’re better at hiding, kid,” Ferguson wrote. “No offense. I got knocked out, but at least I showed up and worked.

Ferguson was on the receiving end of the most brutal finish of UFC 274 as he was taken down early in the second round by a front kick to the face of Michael Chandler. It was the fourth straight loss for Ferguson, a former interim lightweight titleholder.

Perhaps the most vitriol directed at Ferguson after his loss came from McGregor, who compared Ferguson’s face to a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget after Chandler’s knockout blow. The slur also referenced “McNuggets”, a name Ferguson called McGregor on several occasions.

Ferguson also responded to those comments, calling McGregor “fake.”

“Ahhh, here’s my b****,” Ferguson wrote. “Next time tag me p****. Coming after you and your crew. McNugget stay with you, fake, can’t take [what’s not yours] more, thief. Still no sauce and no balls, McNuggets. I will soon see you and your crew chasing your golden imp.

McGregor has been more active than ever on social media, both promoting his brands and crushing his rivals. The former two-division champion has not competed since breaking his leg in a loss to Poirier at UFC 264 in July 2021.