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Thor vs Larratt results: live updates, full fight coverage

What, you thought boxing freakshow addiction would wane after Evander Holyfield’s debacle against Vitor Belfort last week?

The strongest former man in the world and “The mountain” of Game Of Thrones, Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson, was originally scheduled to settle a long-standing feud with Eddie Hall today (September 18, 2021), but with Hall off duty due to a torn bicep, he will instead box the legend of the Devon Larratt showdown on top of a nine-fight pay-per-view (PPV) showdown in Abu Dubai, United Arab Emirates. will offer LIVE coverage of tonight’s main event, as well as quick undercard results. The show will begin at 12:45 p.m. ET on Core Sports PPV.

The card will also see CrossFit stars Jacob Heppner and Josh Bridges face off, as well as world heavyweight contender Martin Bakole face off against Ghanaian Haruna Osumanu.

Discover the rules of combat:

Thor vs. Larratt’s Quick Results:

Hafthor Björnsson vs. Devon Larratt
Jacob Heppner vs. Josh Bridges
Anthony de Bruijn vs. Giorgi Gachechiladze
Martin Bakole vs. Haruna Osumanu – Bakole beat. Osumanu by KO in the first round
Stefi Cohen vs. Marcela Nieto – Majority draw
Avril Mathie vs. Jesca Mfinanga – Mathie beat. Mfinaga by unanimous decision

Thor vs. Larratt’s Turn-Based Updates:

Heavy weights Exhibition: Thor Bjornsson vs. Devon Larratt

First round :

Second round:

Third round:

Fourth round:

Fifth round:

Sixth round:

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