The movements and styles of Tekken fighters perfectly imitated by a martial artist

Breeding Tekken fighters means being acrobatic and learning a range of fighting styles, such as kung fu, capoeira, taekwondo, and Muay Thai.

An Instagram star specializing in tricks, martial arts and breakdancing copied the moves from a range of Tekken fighters in a new video, including fan favorites such as King, Eddy Gordo and Heihachi Mishima. Although short, the video displays not only an assortment of attacks, but real fighting styles from around the world.

Tekken is one of the oldest fighting game franchises in the world; he made his debut as a contender for Sega’s pioneering 3D title, Virtua Hunter. The series continued long after its rival, and although the most recent version is technically that of 2015 Tekken 7, this game continues to be updated on home consoles in the form of new seasons. A Tekken 8 may happen – but Bandai Namco does not seem in a rush. Guinness World Records has identified the series as having the oldest video game storyline in the world, but this claim is considered controversial.

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Video created by Sam Da Flyin Hawaiian, which describes it as “one of the funniest series“he’s done with”no equipment, money or incentive“This of course contributes to her social media presence, which to date has over 131,000 followers. Beyond King, Eddy and Heihachi, other characters on display include Raven, Yoshimitsu, Bruce Irvin, Julia Chang , Ling Xiaoyu, Lei Wulong, Kazuya Mishima, Bryan Fury, Marshall Law and Jin Kazama. For comedy, he even includes the kangaroo duo of Roger and Roger Jr. – with a second person hidden in Sam’s clothes for Roger Jr.

Some of the fighting styles will be familiar to the average person, such as karate, kung fu, and Muay Thai – the latter, portrayed in the video by Bryan Fury, is the most common standing style in MMA leagues like the UFC. Julia Chang, however, mixes several Chinese styles such as Baji Quan, and Eddy Gordo uses capoeira, a style founded by Brazilian slaves that is deliberately disguised as a dance. Marshall Law uses Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.

On Instagram, at least, Sam has yet to say what other games he might be trying to copy. Since Mortal combat or Soul Calibur would require weapons, street fighter could be a logical next step. One of Sam’s interests is a Cambodian style called bokator, but he can’t be found in any game – one of the few references to western pop culture is Disney. Raya and the last dragon. There is Tekken styles he hasn’t yet showcased, such as Aikido, Sambo, and Eskrima – so in that sense, he may have already picked the perfect franchise to emulate on Instagram.

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Source: Sam Da Flyin Hawaiian

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