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Teofimo Lopez vs. George Kambosos Jr. Full Fight Video Highlights

Watch Teofimo Lopez vs. George Kambosos Jr. the full fight video from their main event above, courtesy of DAZN.

Lopez vs. Kambosos Jr. took place on November 27 at the Hulu Theater in New York, New York. Teofimo Lopez (16-1) put his WBA, IBF and WBO lightweight belts on the line against George Kambosos Jr. (20-0), broadcast live on DAZN. Watch more video highlights below.

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LOPEZ against KAMBOSOS: 1st round

The intense gaze expected and a push in the middle of the ring. Teofimo bursts into Kambosos and the man immediately throws heat. Kambosos ties him up. Kambosos ties him up again. Lopez is absolutely throwing to knock him out quickly. Good little counter to George’s left. Nice shot. But Teofimo is still coming forward. Lopez’s left hand enters. Kambosos backs off and isn’t stupid here. He knows that a real shootout with Lopez isn’t a good idea. He is patient and remains calm. Lopez is absolutely too aggressive. Lopez stings a bit now. Mid Road. The crowd is ROWDY.

Spicy kambosos. He misses a big left hook. Lopez’s right hand, but Kambosos rolls with it. Lopez and Kambosos’ HARD backlash holds up for a moment again. Kambosos just didn’t see it coming and frankly no one would have seen it. Lopez’s right hand on the chin. And another. Kambosos taking them well and holding back. Another. Respect to George who eats these photos for sure. He’s a tough guy OH SHIT DOWN GO LOPEZ ON A RIGHT HAND !!! The round ends!

Kambosos 10-8

LOPEZ vs. KAMBOSOS: 2nd round

Lopez calms down a minute after the start of this round. Kambosos, however, landed with his right hand. Lopez has to relax or he could really be shocked here. Kambosos is no joke he can shoot and he will profit if Lopez makes terrible mistakes. Body shots from Teofimo, a much more measured approach. Lopez’s right hand. Cut to the right of Kambosos. Kambosos barely misses a big right at the end of the round. He has real self-confidence right now; if it was an act that was happening, it wasn’t now. But I think Lopez won this round.

Lopez 10-9, Kambosos 19-18

LOPEZ against KAMBOSOS: 3rd round

We’ve settled into a sort of normal boxing match now, which still isn’t bad and has a lot of tension. Kambosos landing with his right hand skillfully still. Lopez moves forward but tries hard to do so, honestly. Kambosos body shots. Another just above Kambosos. Lopez couldn’t find the distance with his jab and isn’t using it enough anyway. Good jab and left hook behind from Kambosos. The two throw, nothing big landing and they tie up. Kambosos right uppercut. Teo’s right hand is slipped by George. My God, Kambosos is fighting so well right now, then Lopez lands on the left which shakes Kambosos a bit, but he takes it well and comes back with a right hand. Lop rock him a bit with a JUST right before the bell, but it’s a Kambosos turn.

Kambosos 10-9, 29-27

LOPEZ against KAMBOSOS: 4th round

Lopez will go left-handed to start this round. Then he comes back quickly. Kambosos pricking and moving, forcing Lopez to chase him, and Lopez didn’t focus on cutting the ring. Kambosos has definitely earned Lopez’s respect, at least to some extent, at least as a dangerous opponent. Kambosos’ slaughtered body. Jab from Kambosos. Another jab and left hook from Kambosos. He’s leading the fight against Teofimo now, Lopez is still moving forward but can’t find the places he wants, doesn’t pull the trigger. Kambosos downed body, but he eats another Lopez right sweep.

Teofimo advances without a plan for the most part. Kambosos is so much more relaxed. Kambosos with a good lap that ends in a shootout, and Kambosos may have been right about that too.

Kambosos 10-9, 39-36

LOPEZ against KAMBOSOS: 5th round

Kambosos check hang, fight smart, Teofimo just can’t keep going consistently. Kambosos is almost caught extending his right hand, but it’s almost not for real. Kambosos always leads a very intelligent fight, he is intense but controlled and does not waste energy. Lopez wasted a lot of energy. Kambosos with another right hand.

Let’s not mince words: George Kambosos Jr is winning this fight.

Kambosos 10-9, 49-45

LOPEZ against KAMBOSOS: 6th round

Lopez’s body language isn’t great. Kambosos remains patient, Lopez is not doing enough. Kambosos with another right. Kambosos scores small shots and then hits a big one here and there. Lopez tries to do way too much in one shot, and I’m not sure if he has “one shot” left, it was A LOT of energy wasted at the start of the fight which only resulted in a turn 10 -8 that he lost. 1-2 from Kambosos. More good shots from Kambosos. Lop just a shot here, a shot there. George has a cut near his right eye but he wins.

Kambosos 10-9, 59-54

LOPEZ vs. KAMBOSOS: Matchday 7

Lop spice more in the first minute of the round. Honestly, maybe it’s a bit late for that. Kambosos with another 1-2. Lopez’s defense has been lousy tonight. Kambosos dictating the fight right now. It has been for the rounds now. Lop with jabs, miss the follow-up shots. He is slow and looks tired. Uppercut of Kambosos. Still good work from Kambosos late. Every turn he tries to “steal” it late. He doesn’t let Teo try this himself.

Kambosos 10-9, 69-63

LOPEZ against KAMBOSOS: 8th day

Kambosos always dictates. Lopez just can’t get a consistent pace in this fight. He is tired, he is a little afraid of weapons, he does not cut the ring, he follows and waits, not active enough. Kambosos deserves to be in front because he was better. Jabs of Kambosos. Teofimo’s right hand isn’t quite there yet. The kambosos still move so smoothly. The right in reverse lands again. Teofimo is hurt about it, doesn’t waver but feels it clearly. Lopez threw late, and he caught up with Kambosos a bit, Kambosos SLIGHTLY stance to the legs but turned around and the round ended. This MAY be the time Teofimo needed to wake up.

Kambosos 10-9, 79-72

LOPEZ vs. KAMBOSOS: Matchday 9

We could be heading for some drama here. Chris Algieri says Teofimo is “living his nightmare”, and it’s hard to argue. Lopez starts to press a little harder, but it’s still fair in places. He must reserve energy. Lopez and Kambosos’ right hand is injured! Lopez and Kambosos retaliates! Lopez isn’t going crazy here. He evaluates it. 20 seconds remaining in the lap. Kambosos survives at this time, and there is no reason why he should not. This is the smart thing. He is way ahead, or should be. Cut directly from Teo. Another good blow from Teo late.

Lopez 10-9, Kambosos 88-82

LOPEZ vs. KAMBOSOS: Matchday 10

LOWER KAMBOSOS ONE MINUTE IN THE ROUND ON A RIGHT HAND! Teofimo has time to finish! LEFT HOOK AND IT THROWS BOMBS! KAMBOSOS TRYING TO REJECT! ANOTHER CLOSE UP OF LOPEZ! KAMBOSOS IS STILL GOING AND CANNOT COME OUT OF THE POCKET! He is now attaching himself. Lopez is speaking now. Teofimo returns to the field with a minute to go in the round, still plenty of time. Teofimo with the right hand! Still the right hand! Left hook! Kambosos was also trying to time him with gunshots, both bloodied and bruised. Hell of a good fight. Teofimo rallies like a champion and Kambosos holds on as best he can like a warrior. Kambosos has his legs on and throws punches now at the end of the turn.

Lopez 10-8, Kambosos 96-92

LOPEZ vs. KAMBOSOS: Matchday 11

You could very easily have this 94-94 right now. The fight is on the line!

Kambosos seeking some respect earlier, slaps Teofimo with a few hooks. Lopez fans are back in style now. Lopez’s right hand, then a left hook comes in with Kambosos leaning back. Kambosos’ right hand as he suddenly steps forward! Lopez comes back in force with a few hits, nothing clean. Lopez has a big gash on his left eye. Kambosos controlling this turn so far, has eaten a few hits but it has been his turn, what position he is doing here. Lopez being cradled again, not throwing punches. Kambosos takes advantage of this. They take the time to watch Lopez’s cut. We will continue.

Kambosos’ right hand again, just clips Lopez in, but that cut apparently changed Lopez again, and I don’t think he has time to change or take a wrong turn. Kambosos right hand! He has regained his energy!

Kambosos 10-9, 106-101

LOPEZ vs. KAMBOSOS: Matchday 12

Kambosos always sharp with his punches, he’s not trying to navigate, and he shouldn’t be. I think he’s clearly on his feet, but you never know. Lopez just can’t be left out again in this round. He throws a right with about a minute to go, but Kambosos rolls with it and comes back with a better shot. Lopez rushes in, nothing comes out. Kambosos wins this round. Kambosos won this fight. Anything else is an absolute parody and a crime.

Kambosos 10-9, 116-110

Official Decision: George Kambosos Jr. def. Teofimo Lopez by split decision (115-111, 113-114, 115-112)