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Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) phenom Gordon Ryan attempts to settle an old score tonight (Sunday August 7, 2022) when he meets two-time conqueror, Felipe Pena, in the main no time limit, submission only event of the last FloGrappling “Who’s Number One” event. will provide LIVE coverage of the main event below, along with quick results for the rest of the main card starting at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Pena submitted Ryan in 2016 and then outclassed him in the 2017 ADCC Absolute Finals, but Ryan has since become one of the most fearsome grapplers on the planet. He was last seen stomping on world champion Pedro Marinho last month in a performance so dominant he spent 25 minutes working for a smothering choke with little resistance before deciding to do it. sideline with a rear choke.

The rest of the card, which features 15-minute fights, features former Bellator champion Rafael Lovato Jr. and prodigy Mica Galvao, among others.


Gordon Ryan vs. Felipe Pena – Ryan defeats. Pena by retreat at 44:41
Nicholas Meregali vs. Rafael Lovato Jr – Meregali defeats. Lovato via unanimous decision
Mica Galvao vs. Alan Sanchez – Galvao defeats. Sanchez by submission (rear naked choke) at 7:26
Bia Mesquita vs. Elisabeth Clay – Mesquita defeats. Clay by unanimous decision
Jacob Couch vs. Jacob Rodriguez – Couch def. Rodriguez via unanimous decision
Diogo Reis vs. Estevan Martinez – Reis defeats. Martinez via unanimous decision
Fabricio Andrey vs. Fabian Ramirez – Andrey defeats. Ramirez by unanimous decision


242 pounds: Gordon Ryan vs. Felipe Pena

Okay, we’ll go in five-minute increments. Hand fight to start. Brief with mutual collar to tie. Lots of shoving, Ryan is looking for foot sweeps. More collar ties. Continue to fight with bare hands. No one has touched the mat for three minutes. Ryan tries to knock him down.

No more hand fights. We’re down to seven minutes and no one has even touched the ground. Now Ryan pulls guard eight minutes. Half guard for Pena. Smooth sweep and Ryan goes straight to the back. Too low, avoids a leglock. Ryan rides well in the race, arrives at the quarter guard. Pena recovers the half-guard.

Ryan standing over him. Pena kicks him directly. Go for the reverse heel hook as they install 50/50. Continuation of the entanglement of the legs. Ryan slides free and they’re back on their feet. As I tap that, he pulls the guard again. Pena takes her time to engage. Trying to slip his knee through. Ryan tries to fire him, can’t control his wrist. Pena stifles a transition attempt from the knee cap.

Pena moves into half guard. Attempts to circle around the guard, scoop. Return to the low half-guard. God, I can already feel Richardson’s disapproving look at my lack of BJJ know-how as he reads this. Ryan looks for the deep half, tries to throw it. Reversal attempt, no dice. Pena isn’t super aggressive, but stays out of trouble from the top. Another attempt to circle, denies Gordon’s attempt to stand. Ryan looks to pass to the back, is content with the sweep in first position. Pena again concludes the 50/50. Ryan extracts his leg and we return to the feet.

Ryan shoots guard again. Pena tries to slide the knee again, backs up, re-engages. Pena stands over him, fiddling with Ryan’s legs and trying to get around. Now Pena engages in a pass attempt, remaining super heavy. Ryan considers an armbar as he regains half his guard. It reverses, nothing there. A few timid attempts at wrist control. Pena looks for another heavy pass and Ryan throws it to restart on the feet.

More of the nonchalant hand wrestling as they shuffle around the mats. Collar ties. Basically, five minutes of nothing.

Ryan seems a bit more aggressive in seeking wrist and head control, but he’s still not advancing. There is a takedown from Pena, Ryan immediately uses the whistle to stand. Clever move to the back waist lock for Ryan and he drags Pena to the mat. Pena immediately concludes 50/50. He tries a straight armbar for a moment with no effect. Ryan breaks free, denies a takedown and pushes Pena off the mats. Brief pause as they argue over which position to reset to. Ryan comes back on top, keeping his knee between Pena’s legs.

Ryan almost manages to circle Pena’s legs, settles into half guard. Pena reverses and tries to stand, but Ryan chases him for another back body lock mat return. Return to the knee between the legs. Standing above Pena, trying to navigate the guard. Knee pads from Pena to keep Ryan in half guard. Ryan backs off and Pena gets the 50/50 again when he re-engages. Simple collar tie by Ryan as he tries to force his way through. Pena looks for an X-guard sweep, bad luck, still has the leg 50/50.

He inverts, is forced back onto his back. Nice scramble and Pena manages to get up and down from the mats before Ryan can jump on her. When the ref tries to reset them, Pena talks to the ref about something we can’t hear. Ryan throws his arms up as if Pena is leaving, but they get back on their feet. Knee kick from Ryan, Pena immediately goes back to 50/50. Ryan frees his leg for a moment, but Pena manages to stand, only for Ryan to land a kick and find himself on top once more. This time, Pena bows out. End a deep

Final result: Ryan defeats. Pena retired

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