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Nate Diaz Is Stopping Conor McGregor Trilogy For Now: ‘He Has A Lot Of Work To Do’

With one fight remaining on his UFC contract, Nate Diaz has no real interest in firing him against Conor McGregor in a trilogy.

Despite a pair of lucrative fights that saw Diaz snuff out McGregor in their first encounter before losing a close majority decision in the rematch, the Stockton native doesn’t feel like a third fight has much to offer. makes sense to him as he potentially approaches free agency.

“Not at the moment,” Diaz told Adam’s Apple when asked if he should face McGregor again. “He has a lot of work to do.”

McGregor is currently recovering from a devastating broken leg suffered in his own trilogy with Poirier last July. The Irish superstar underwent surgery to repair the damage just a day after the event ended, and although he’s been very active in training lately, he’s unlikely to return. action before the middle or end of 2022.

Despite Diaz’s objections to the fight, it’s entirely possible that the UFC would at least want to explore the possibility of rebooking Diaz against McGregor, especially given the massive pay-per-view sales surrounding their first two fights.

The first fight between them at UFC 196 reportedly sold over 1.3 million buys, while the rematch at UFC 202 topped around 1.6 million buys. Both fight cards still rank in the top 10 all-time best-selling pay-per-view cards in UFC history.

That said, Diaz still prefers a matchup with Dustin Poirier after the two engaged in a war of words through interviews and social media over the past few months.

“I’m on my last fight on my contract right now,” Diaz said. “I would like to fight Dustin Poirier now. Next month, when the shit changes or people win and start doing something fun, or something that happens, everything will be different, I’m sure.

After a fight between them was scrapped in 2018, Diaz and Poirier remained circling each other as possible opponents, but the matchup was never changed by the UFC. Lately, both sides have been asking the UFC to make the fight a reality, but the promotion hasn’t made any official offers yet.

Diaz has continued to shoot Poirier, especially on social media, although it’s only because he can’t convince the UFC to offer him a contract to fight.

“This shit is hateful to me,” Diaz said of social media. “For me, I have a bigger following than the rest of the people and they won’t let me fight, so what should I do? I have to shit on it from the internet.