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Nate Diaz Gets High As USADA Holds Him Captive For Peeing

Nate Diaz surprised absolutely no one today as he got stoned in front of a USADA agent, even trying to convince him to take a hit.

One of the first weed defenders in MMA along with his brother Nick, there was once a time when being caught with THC metabolites invoked the fear of a career-altering punishment. Now, however, Diaz has even offered the urine collection delegate a joint pass. This offer was. unfortunately refused by the aforementioned collector.

Nate Diaz is currently training ahead of his penultimate UFC fight against Chechen destroyer Khamzat Chimaev. A heavy underdog, Diaz is known to upset the odds. Nothing would be more 209 than heading off into the sunset after ruining the UFC’s predicted trajectory of 2023.

USADA pre-fight testing for fighters generally increases the closer the fight gets. Blood and urine are collected from both participants. Diaz is asked in the video to produce two more liters of urine, a request he is unable to comply with at the time.

Middleweight Paulo Costa recently had a bad interaction with the agency. They woke him up at 5 a.m. on the day of the weigh-ins. This is considered an extremely dangerous practice due to the reduced amount of weight before stepping on the scale. Cuts often cause severe dehydration as well as countless other dangers.

Nate Diaz: Is USADA taking the P***?

In a clip from his Instagram live stream, you can see Diaz having fun with his newfound smoking freedom around the USADA employee.

What is clear at this point is that Nate Diaz had endured more than enough talk. He informed the holder of the jug that he would not increase his current pee supply for at least a few hours. He instead offered that USADA could suck his dick, if they wanted.

“This man won’t come out of my house because I didn’t give him enough p***. I fucked everything I can, my nigga. How many liters should I make? I still have two liters of c*** to give him and he won’t get out of here before. DK is my guy, but USADA can f****** suck ad***. Come back in six hours. I’ll give you two more. Sorry DK.”

Maybe Nate Diaz felt for the USADA guy. He then offers her to try his herbal healing methods, despite being shot down. Perhaps the rejection was due to fear of failing his own drug test at USADA headquarters.

USADA, good or bad?