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Muhammad Ali’s grandson hopes to leave his own MMA legacy

Biaggio Ali Walsh loves being the grandson of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, but he hopes to create his own name.

Training at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, Walsh is 1-1 in mixed martial arts. The 24-year-old lost his debut via second-round submission last June, but bounced back with a first-round TKO victory on August 27.

When he enters his third amateur fight at the 2022 PFL Championships on Nov. 25 in New York, Walsh wants to put on a memorable performance.

“I accept it,” Walsh told MMA Junkie Radio as Ali’s grandson. “I love talking about my grandfather. I love my grandfather. We had so many memories together, and talking about him inspires me even more, so I accept him whenever it comes up. But at the same time, I’m Biaggio Ali Walsh, and that’s why I’m here. I try to make my own name, my own legacy. In the end, that’s what every fighter tries to do, so I’m not that different from other fighters. I just have a famous grandfather.

He continued, “My short-term goal right now is just to win fights and get as much amateur experience as possible. My long term goals are obviously I want to win the belt, I want to win $1 million and I just know I was able to do it myself. In the long run, I want to be a great martial arts mentor.

Ali is arguably the most recognizable sports personality of all time, and Walsh loves being linked to him. However, Walsh is even more inspired by his grandfather’s actions outside of the ring than inside.

“I think the non-athlete is what stands out to me the most,” Walsh said. “Obviously he was a terrific boxer, he also had a great trash talk. He was the one who started this, but outside the ring he was the coolest, nicest person you’ve ever met. He never said no to an autograph, he never said no to a handshake He was meeting someone and doing his whole day I think it was the non-athlete who got me the most marked.

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