Mortal Kombat called “happily violent” in early reviews

Mortal combat was hailed as “gleefully violent” and “a joy to watch for fans” in early reviews of the new martial arts film.

Based on the famous video game franchise of the same name, Mortal combat stars Lewis Tan as Cole Young, an MMA veteran who is unaware of his true heritage or what the dragon mark on his body really means.

After Cole and his family are attacked, he begins training to stand alongside Earth’s greatest champions against the enemies of Outworld as they fight for the fate of the universe.

Mark RogersWarner Bros.

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The film, which also stars the former At home and away actress Jessica McNamee and Hypermarket actor Josh Lawson, has already released in a few countries, including Russia and South Korea, and as its US release nears, the film’s first critical reviews have started to arrive.

While opinions on the film’s characters and dialogue have been a bit mixed, one thing has united critics so far: the fight scenes more than lived up to expectations.

Check out some of the Mortal combatthe first reviews below:

Critically Successful Entertainment

“Since the Mortal combat The original business card for the games was their ridiculous violence, it’s quite shocking how long it took for a live-action adaptation to finally start pouring buckets of R-rated crimson on everything. And the filmmakers here certainly aren’t shying away, giving us a handful of horribly satisfying deaths (i.e. bloody finishers) straight from the games … ”


“The deaths are just as gruesome as you might expect … but it is the hand-to-hand combat that is above anything else here. The amount of work that has gone into the choreography and stunts is beyond awesome.You can see it’s a bunch of martial artists performing their own onscreen fights and not just quick hack-slash edits or double CGs. ”

mortal kombat ludi lin as liu kang and max huang as kung lao

Mark RogersWarner Bros.

Geek Culture

“As a film based on the popular video game, Mortal combat Effectively brings the gaming world to the big screen with great care and attention to detail. The characterization and portrayal of the beloved fighters is quite close to their in-game counterparts, with the outfits and fighting styles being almost identical to the game. The visuals, sound effects, gore, and action are just what the game looks like. fans have been searching for the original 1995 movie and up. “

IGN India

“If you are a Mortal combat fan, you will have a good time as you fill in the gaps with your pre-existing knowledge of the series and revel in the violence. But for the average viewer, there will be little reason to worry about the stakes here. Ultimately, that’s what 2021 Mortal combat comes down to – a solid video game adaptation full of fan service for gamers (stay for the tease sequel) and a decent action flick for everyone. “

mortal kombat joe taslim as sub zerobi han and hiroyuki sanada as scorpionhanzo hasashi

Mark RogersWarner Bros.

Morning Message from South China

“[A] Joyfully violent adaptation to a video game … nuanced character drama, it certainly isn’t; instead, they’re boxers with ninja blood and green berets with robot arms slaying invisible lizards and bat-winged demons into bloody pulp. When not fighting, the characters bicker and throw pseudo-spiritual idioms until it’s time to fight again. Mortal combat is not for the most demanding palates, but for connoisseurs – come here! “

Mortal combat is due out in the United States on April 23 in theaters and the HBO Max. Its UK release date has yet to be confirmed.

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