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Molly McCann-Pearson Exstatic Over 50K Fight Bonus: “I came from nothing”

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Most of us wouldn’t complain about an extra $ 50,000 in our pocket, but Molly McCann’s emotional response to her Performance of the Night bonus was something to see.

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani MMA Time, Molly “Meatball” McCann spoke about her upbringing and what it meant for her to receive the bonus salary.

Molly McCann Exstatic Over 50K Fight Bonus: “I came from nothing”

“I came from nothing, so making any kind of money is just the next level. But I think for me it was recognition of my hard work. It wasn’t even the money so much, but I feel like I could’ve gotten into a few fights from the nights before this one, and I was sort of picked by some of the best-known fighters in the map.

So to come full circle, I even had my manager, Graham Boylan, around for this fight, it was just crazy. It was like everything was meant to be.

Those who struck off McCann after a poor performance at UFC Vegas 18 suffered a brutal shock when McCann claimed a dominant decision victory this weekend.

“I was like, I can’t give more than I give. I come to fight and I felt like this person that I had fought, Lara, was just coming to hang on and not even try to finish me, literally just try to nail me to the ground or to the wall.

If you’re going to beat me, please try to submit or finish me off and put me aside, don’t just drop out. I had never faced this kind of fight before.

In boxing it’s like a dead end, a bit of a companion, and I feel like that’s what she was, and I wasn’t prepared for that, because people don’t fight like that in MMA.

So, I just felt like I got roughed up in terms of drug cheaters and shitty clashes, and I never turned down a fight. I know, stylistically, that I’m going to take on styles that don’t really match mine. But it was just boring having it back to back.

As for her own career goals, McCann was beaming with joy at being able to return home to Liverpool and buy a house. “I always said that all I wanted when fighting was a world title and buying a house.

If you can say you have a fully paid house and your mortgage is over, then you’ve done pretty well, haven’t you? Falling into MMA a bit by accident and then having an amazing career is just crazy. “

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