MMA loans

Mo Miller is the world’s toughest loan officer

With a 7-1 pro record and a victory over Dana White’s Contender Series under his belt, Miller might just be the most dangerous assistant loan officer in the business. Luckily for him, his work setup and generous boss ensure that his work life doesn’t interfere with his combat life, and his training can go off without a hitch.

“I have a very good boss. That was kind of the reason I took this job because it helps me in my MMA career,” Miller said. “When I graduated, I wanted to focus on what I wanted to do because once you start working, you work the rest of your life, so I wanted to take a job that matches my job at MMA time.”

The workplace dynamic when a colleague doubles as a professional cage fighter is most certainly interesting. Imagine you turn on UFC BATTLE PASS and you see Mo from the loans department choking someone unconscious! Or imagine walking into an office every day amid the rigors of a fight camp at one of the world’s top gyms, Strong Style MMA.

“It’s a big office, so the last week or two of camp I’m working from home because I’m losing weight and I don’t want to be around too many people,” Miller said.

Despite the understandable irritability that accompanies a weight cut, that doesn’t stop Miller from feeling an outpouring of support from his co-workers ahead of his fights.

“A few weeks from now everyone is really excited,” Miller said. “I can feel the support. They are more excited than me, I think.

Fighting for the bantamweight title this Sunday at Fury FC 65, Miller has the opportunity to return to the office with a belt wrapped around his waist.

“I think I’m the best fighter in the world at bantamweight, and I get to show it,” Miller said.

Throughout the past year and a half, Miller has been steadily kicked out of a UFC contract, and potentially put his days as a loan officer behind him. A case of COVID kicked him out of The Ultimate Fighter house, then he won on Contender Series but failed to get a contract, then lost his first fight on Dana White’s Lookin’ For A Fight at barely 60 days later. An undeniably brutal sequence of events, but Miller’s confidence did not waver.

“I know whoever they put in front of me, I can get the win,” Miller said. “I take one fight at a time. If they sign me after this fight, great; if not, I will continue to mow them.