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MMA News: KSI explains why a fight with Jake Paul didn’t happen

British YouTuber KSI (Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji) fought Logan Paul to a draw in a white collar fight in 2018. They turned pro for their rematch in 2019, which Olatunji won by split decision.

Since then, Olatunji has often been teased about a potential fight with Logan’s brother, Jake Paul. The Briton recently revealed why the fight against Paul’s younger brother was unsuccessful.

According to the YouTuber, he is unable to take enough time out of his busy schedule to train for a fight. While he fully intends to fight Jake, Olatunji claims that COVID-19, among others, has blocked the process. His workload also increased after joining a team of UK internet stars, Sidemen. In a recent appearance on Impaulsive, Olatunji said:

“I told my manager and everyone around me, I want to fight. It’s obviously because everyone is always going to be like, ‘Oh, you’re always cheating on him. You always try to occupy yourself “. You don’t. Like that, it’s like when I try to find time, things always find a way and then it’s hard for me to just say : “Oh, I can’t do this now.” So I kind of defined ahead of time where I “I left,” That’s what I want. I want to stop, you know, everything here so I have time to practice and get in the ring properly. It’s like I had to do it ahead of time. And obviously COVID has “It helped and all these other situations don’t have not helped and have slowed everything down. But like, I have to love working with stuff from Sidemen, it’s every week. “

Watch Olatunji’s appearance on Impaulsive below:

KSI vs. Jake Paul isn’t expected to be happening soon

While KSI claims he’s not dodging Jake Paul, he’s not ready for a showdown against “The Problem Child” anytime soon. Olatunji recently revealed that the fight is not expected to materialize in the near future on YouTube:

“I’m going to, to this day, still tell you that I feel like I could beat Jake Paul. I don’t care if he knocks out all these people, styles make fights. I know my style would slap. Jake Paul At the end of the day I could say this I could say it doesn’t matter, I’m not fighting right now. Do I want to fight? Yes. Can I fight ? No. The simple facts of all this and it’s not going to happen anytime soon, so don’t hold your breath. “

Watch the KSI YouTube video below:

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