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MMA Junkie’s fight of the month for December 2021: Cruz against Munhoz

At first, things looked grim for former bantamweight champion Cruz. But somehow he overcame great adversity in the opening minutes to rally and dominate Munhoz en route to a unanimous decision victory.

The first round was action-packed, with the most damage triggered by the hands of Munhoz, who knocked Cruz out and knocked down on several occasions. Cruz someone survived in a wrestling scrum and the momentum changed slightly afterwards. Most of the exchanges that followed were either 50-50 or slightly in favor of Cruz. Although he might not have won the round, he showed heart and rebounded well.

In the second round, Cruz continued to find his range and to separate Munhoz at the feet. As the round progressed, Cruz’s offensive did the same. Big blows connected for the former champion, but Munhoz stayed on his feet and absorbed them. Late in the frame, Cruz landed a series of about 10 consecutive punches to the head of Munhoz, which made the crowd explode.

Probably tied at one turn each, this was the fight of anyone entering the final round. Cruz was aggressive as in Round 2, since he shook Munhoz a few times. While sporting a cut under his left eye, Cruz dove in and out as he avoided danger in vintage fashion. Munhoz held on, but it wasn’t enough to sway the judges.