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Missed Fists: Vasily ‘The Dumpling’ Kamotsky defeats Zuluzinho in glorified staring contest

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we spotlight fights from around the world that may have been overlooked in these turbulent times when it seems like there’s an MMA show on every other day.

Last weekend, everyone was talking about The Match.

Two industry giants who have shared the combat sports scene with other legends countless times. Two men at the height of their fighting power. Two titans instantly recognizable by a single name.

It’s true: I’m talking about Dumpling against Zuluzinho.

(Many thanks as always to @Barrelelapierna for their weekly lists of the best KO and submissionsand to @Grabaka_Hitman to download many clips you see here. Follow them and participate in Patreon if you can.)

Vasily Kamotsky vs Zuluzinho

For the record, when talking about fighting legends, it’s not even an exaggeration with Zuluzinho. He went there with Fedor, Big Nog and Butterbean! And now he can add another name to that list with ‘The Dumpling’, a slap fight star who has also dabbled in bare-knuckle boxing. Since Vasily Kamotsky seems ready to enter anything, how about a staring contest?

Because that’s basically what his three-round boxing fight with Zuluzinho turned into, according to a freak show fanatic @Matysek88. You can catch a glimpse of the (in)action above.

It’s unclear why Kamotsky and Zuluzinho didn’t want to let go. Maybe they were just respecting each other’s power. Maybe they both won guaranteed bank for the match and it didn’t matter who won or lost (Kamotsky won a decision, apparently). Perhaps they were paying homage to the worst UFC championship fight ever (Esparza vs. Namajunas 2 or Dan Severn vs. Ken Shamrock 2, take your pick).

Either way, this is just the bizarre final chapter in Zuluzinho’s one-of-a-kind – and surely DAMN! they were good-worthy – career. Let’s not forget that just 14 months ago, the PRIDE veteran lost a decision following a hilarious premature celebration.

If you want to go further down the rabbit hole, Kamotsky vs. Zuluzinho was actually a rematch as the two previously fought to a tie in a slap contest bout (h/t @GrabakaHitman). You can watch it here:

If you want to know more about Nashe Delo Fights, you can check out their YouTube, which regularly posts full events.

And if you still want to see more of Kamotsky and Zuluzinho, call in a professional.

Alan Castro vs. Osvaldo González
Fabrizio Escarrega vs David Fuentes

Our favorite for Knockout of the Week comes to us from Naciones MMA 7 in Monterrey, Mexico, and is actually the result of a submission. Alan Castro moved all-in to a triangle choke, trapping his opponent beautifully and overpowering him until he fell asleep.

Best of all, this spectacular submission happened in a smooth, sweet postlim.

While that finish seemed inevitable, this next clip surprised even the winner himself.

Fabrizio Escarrega looked like throwing an advanced combination to set up a big right hand, but his left landed on the point and his opponent David Fuentes was clearly fried just 38 seconds into the fight.

Naciones MMA 7 is available for free replay on Facebook.

Itzel Padilla vs. Tania Tapia

While we’re south of the border, let’s hop over to Puebla, where pro rookie Itzel Padilla also looked surprised with her final strike.

It’s like a headbutt “excuse me” KO, although it was a good save as it’s obvious Tapia had no idea where she was after that connected hit.

Lux Fight League 23 is available for replay on UFC Fight Pass.

Aleksandr Vertko vs. Arda Adas
Florim Zendeli vs. Chequina Noso Pedro

Forget what I said earlier about Castro having the best knockout because we actually have a bunch of knock out Knockouts worth bragging about.

From the national combat championship in Balingen, Germany:

Aleksandr Vertko won a vacant lightweight title with this nasty flurry crowned by Muay Thai Knees From Hell. Russian Vertko just turned 26 last April and he has now won 10 fights in a row.

This full fight and others are available to watch on YouTube.

Meanwhile, at the Fight Nation Championship in Croatia (not to be confused with the National Fighting Championship, duh), heavyweight Ivan Vitasovic threw an absolutely heinous headbutt.

It’s not just any jabroni he released either, it’s promotion veteran Oli Thompson!

This full fight and more from FNC is available on YouTube.

Kacper Formela vs Aleksandr Gorshechnik
Piotr Kuberski vs Marcin Naruszczka
Szymon Dusza vs. Wawrzyniec Bartnik

At Fight Exclusive Night 40 (guys, we really need to talk about those promo names) in Ostroda, Poland, we had a trio of notable knockouts.

First, Kacper Formela recorded his first successful defense of the FEN featherweight title with a headbutt of Aleksandr Gorshechnik.

He grabs her in the chin and you can practically see the impact spreading from there, especially in slow motion footage.

Middleweight Piotr Kuberski also came out with the gold as he rode it up and put it over Marcin Naruszczka in the first round to claim a vacant title.

Naruszczka (23-12-2) was pretty much lined up for Kuberski (10-1), although he had respectable wins over Eric Spicely, Matt Horwich and Abu Azaitar. Still, it’s Kuberski whose star is on the rise after picking up his seventh straight win.

Opening the main card, Szymon Dusza set up his victory with a nice knee in the middle, but damn it, he was allowed to land a lot of shots to the back of the head after:

Julio Pereira vs. Deberson Batista
Alexandre Castro vs Elifrank Cariolano

Jungle Fight 108 (free replay available on YouTube) also had its share of title fight triumphs and quick finishes, courtesy of Julio Pereira and Alexandre Castro (with the help of a careful referee).

In the main event, Pereira scored his first featherweight title defense with a right hand bomb followed by a devastating ground.

Pereira, 24, has now won four in a row by knockout.

The fastest finish of the night officially went to Alexandre Castro after dropping Elifrank Cariolano with a flying knee, but it definitely looked like an early stoppage.

In fairness to referee Flavio Almendra, Castro and Cariolano are a bit older (Castro is 40, Cariolano is 37), so he could have wisely erred on the safety side here. That knee landed flush.

The biggest mystery here is Castro’s nickname, “Negao WI FI”. It’s a Gui Cruz story waiting to happen.

Last week there was a case of karma in action as a fighter landed an incredible punch moments after taking one between the legs and this week’s retaliation ending might be even better.

Alexander Osetrov didn’t appreciate Willian Lina’s fake leg kick and in another instance of “if they go low we go high” he responded in kind with a head kick that immediately brought down Lima on the web. He pounced on Lima and patiently attacked with ground and pound to earn the finish in 45 seconds.

In the main event, Bellator’s Andrey Koreshkov was on loan and frankly, I find his involvement in these things offensive.

When we last saw the former Bellator welterweight champion, he was forcibly rearranging inside Chance Rencountre. Koreshkov has been allowed to fight with other promotions, so not only is he dealing blows in Bellator, but there’s seemingly almost no limit to what he’s allowed to do in other people’s cages as well.

Koreshkov is an international threat, that’s what I’m saying.

Shlemenko Fighting Championship 4, which took place in Omsk, Russia, is available for free replay on YouTube.


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