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Midnight Mania! ‘Chicken’ Canelo applauds Usman’s manager, ‘Who the f—k?’

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The last few years have really taught UFC fighters that there’s a lot of money in boxing. Conor McGregor really started the trend with his ‘Money’ fight against Floyd Mayweather, but Tyron Woodley’s career high payday against freaking Jake Paul has set off alarm bells in many athletes’ heads. Fast forward a bit, and now Francis Ngannou is telling the UFC he wants to fight Tyson Fury…or else. There’s even the bare-knuckle boxing wave, which is also siphoning off UFC fighters with promises of big purses.

One of those potential fights is Kamaru Usman vs. Canelo Alvarez. Both men are undisputed kings of their divisions in their sport, but the ball has yet to really kick off in terms of public interest. Usman is pushing for the fight, but Alvarez is evasive at best.

Usman’s manager Ali Abdelaziz is unhappy with Alvarez’s response, and he raged on Twitter, calling the boxing superstar a “chicken”.

This is, of course, an absurd claim. If Alvarez and Usman were to fight, Canelo would come in as a simply massive favorite. Usman can punch, sure, but he’s still a wrestling-based MMA fighter, not a world-class boxer like many former Alvarez opponents. If Canelo can throw with Gennady Golovkin for 24 rounds, Usman and his nine knockout wins probably won’t shake your knees.

Canelo replied to Ali with a simple retort: ​​”Who the fuck is that?”

Somehow, I don’t think Alvarez vs. Usman is any closer to materializing after this interaction.

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