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Michael Bisping disagrees with Daniel Cormier on Jon Jones can’t win UFC heavyweight title, questions Cormier’s bias

Michael Bisping isn’t on the same page as Daniel Cormier when talking about Jon Jones’ heavyweight future.

On his YouTube channel, Bisping commented on Cormier’s recent prediction that Jones would not become heavyweight champion if he competed for that title after leaving the light heavyweight division, where Jones is a three-time champion.

Bisping believes his fellow UFC analyst is biased because of his years-long personal rivalry with Jones.

“Now Jon Jones, his old rival, he’s moving up to heavyweight and he’s trying to do what ‘DC’ did and because DC doesn’t like him, so maybe he’s like, ‘No, he won’t be able to do that,'” Bisping said. “He says he’s been out of the sport for too long, two years is too long, there’s going to be rust, and those two- there they are a different breed of heavyweight. But let’s dissect Jon Jones a bit here.

“We’re talking – whatever his behavior outside of the octagon, which hasn’t been great and whatever the steroid tests, which changes things, that’s a huge asterisk and you all know my feelings when it comes to performance enhancement drugs – but the reality is if you look at the performance he is potentially the greatest of all time We are talking about the longest winning streak in UFC history, the most title fight wins in UFC history he never lost a fight other than a disqualification 13 years ago against Matt Hamill in a fight he completely dominated but it was then a 12- 6 elbow [that caused Jones to be disqualified] and he’s not even 35 yet. Moreover, he beat everyone to his own style. He would make it a point of honor to do so. He was beating them in their own style and like I said, he’s not even 35 yet so there’s no way he’s going to look old, as they say.

Cormier and Jones first fought in January 2015 at UFC 182, where Jones notched the eighth consecutive successful defense of his light heavyweight title with a unanimous decision victory. This match was preceded by a tense build-up, which included a memorable press conference brawl, and there was even more controversy afterwards as it was the last defense of Jones’ first reign before he went down. be stripped of the title following his involvement in a stunt. -and-run the following April.

In Jones’ absence, Cormier won a vacant title and nearly lost it to Jones at UFC 214; however, Jones tested positive for banned substances as a result of that fight and a knockout win over Cormier in their rematch was replaced with a no contest. This resulted in the reversal of the title change and Cormier’s retention.

Bisping made sure to highlight Cormier’s accomplishments in the cage, including title reigns at both light heavyweight and heavyweight, but also reiterated that Cormier’s beef with Jones could sway his analysis.

“DC also shared the octagon twice with Jon Jones, so you get to know that person,” Bisping said. “You get to know them very, very well. But because he has this history and because they don’t like each other, I think that maybe skews DC’s judgment a bit here.

“These guys don’t like each other,” Bisping added. “They’re great rivals. Now I’ve never had a rivalry like this, not someone I hated that much. I’ve had people I didn’t like, but they’ll stay without name. Vitor Belfort, Tim Kennedy, Alan Belcher, Luke Rockhold, the list is literally long but they will go unnamed. But I had no rival in the sense of DC and Jon Jones because, as I said, it is deep with these two.

As for the contenders who will square off in a heavyweight championship unification bout next weekend at UFC 270, Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane, Bisping called both fighters “incredible” and “of a different level of heavyweight”. Given that, he’s still not ready to rule out Jones as a threat to becoming a two-division champion.

“Jon Jones is out there,” Bisping said. “Jon Jones has a resume. Jon Jones is one of the best to have done it, so to say he can’t come back after that time and beat those guys, I don’t think I agree. I don’t think I agree. I’m not saying he’s going to win, but to say he has no chance, I don’t think is fair.

“Because Jon, among everything else, is a master tactician. He has great grappling and he has confidence. Now the only thing is he’s putting on all that weight, he’s become a really big man, he told the Hall of Famer – before he was arrested – that he weighed around 260 pounds . It is a frightening prospect. The reality is that it might slow him down a bit. Maybe that slows him down a lot. Maybe it’s even better. I think it will slow him down, I think it will affect his gas tank, but until he gets his foot in the octagon, we don’t know. So Jon Jones, come back, I can’t wait to see him. I can’t wait to see the main event next week.