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Masvidal: Covington ‘can’t take criticism’, used to ‘get upset and start crying’ over internet hate

Before he was the king of “nerds and virgins,” former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington was a whiner.

That’s according to former teammate-turned-rival Jorge Masvidal who alleges ‘Chaos’ used to ‘get upset and start crying’ after reading about online hate from internet trolls.

“He used to read the comments and start crying,” Masvidal said of Covington during a live stream on Rumble (h/t “In his early interviews, when he was nice and he was just wrestling guys, and he was like ‘I just wanna win’. People would just shit him left and right, like say that he’s boring and quitting the sport. I had to guide him, but you can’t get upset about what someone you don’t know says.

Covington has no problem hurling his own personal insults, but breaks down when he’s the one taking the criticism, according to Masvidal.

“He can’t stand this criticism…He really breaks, he tries to hide it but he’s an as*itty poker player so you can see him. He gets nervous and crazy and he gets mad with herpes so he has to wear glasses,” the UFC ‘BMF’ champion said.

Covington and Masvidal are set to lock horns in the Octagon at the upcoming UFC 272 pay-per-view on March 5 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.