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Martyn Ford hails Eddie Hall power ahead of Thor Bjornsson grudge fight


Ford explained how compatriot Hall has been ‘supportive’ with his boxing debut fast approaching in April and congratulated his friend ahead of a potential fight with Thor Bjornsson

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Eddie Hall looks in great shape to fight with The Mountain

Martyn Ford has explained the importance of his friendship with strongman Eddie Hall, but thinks their boxing styles are very different.

Ford is preparing for his boxing ring debut against ‘Iranian Hulk’ in London later this year, while Hall is waiting to reschedule a date with rival Thor Bjornsson.

The couple have been friends for a long time and train together frequently by sharing videos on their social media accounts.

The 39-year-old admitted Hall joked with his boxing debut on the horizon but expects his loyalty to be an asset in his preparations.

“He called me a big girl, it’s like a love-hate relationship,” Ford joked to Battle Mirror . “He calls me skinny and basically useless shit.

Martyn Ford and Eddie Hall trained together


FACEBOOK/Martyn Ford)

“Jokes aside, he’s very supportive about it as a friend. I spoke to him before the Arnold Classic and told him whatever you do, you do it for yourself and you approach it properly.

“He has a heart of gold, very loyal to his friends and very supportive. As far as I have boxing advice, I didn’t take any from him. If anything, I would box like Thor and he would box like the Hulk, except he’s a much tougher proposition than what the Hulk is going to be.

“He’s a real athlete whereas the Hulk is going to be a big soft punching bag in all honesty. Eddie didn’t put in much on purpose but he trains and trains ridiculously hard. That’s the kind of someone who, when he puts his mind to something, he will do it against all odds.

“Some of the videos he puts out, I say this as a close friend, you question the form but the power, he’s second to none.” Eddie is the kind of guy who’s going to win because he’s so hungry and so passionate.”

Hall was expected to face Bjornsson last year but was forced to pull out of the scheduled date after suffering a detached bicep injury.

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The British star’s Icelandic rival has stepped into the ring three times against Simon Valily, Stephen Ward and most recently against arm wrestling Devon Larratt.

Ford is also looking to launch his fighting career and sees a future in the sport alongside his desire to compete in MMA.

He also spoke about the advice he received from heavyweight boxing star Dillian Whyte.

“Over the past six to 12 months I’ve had some phenomenal friends in my life, boxing-wise, I have Dillian who I’ve talked to from time to time,” Ford continued.

“He’s a huge inspiration to me because he’s always been so tough and ready, in your face, hungry and fighting for the fight. He’s someone I can look up to and find a lot of similarities.

“I have legitimate professional world champions who give me time and advice that I can go to training with.”

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