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Liquidifty Marketplace will list GamesPad NFTs

NFT GamePad represent the best of the emerging industry combining exclusive high end art with tiered investment opportunities, to create a truly unique digital asset. The value of GamesPad NFTs is twofold, where stylish collectible art pieces offer the opportunity to participate in the GamePad ecosystem and investing in crypto gaming projects that NFT marketplaces like Liquidifty see as an important pillar of the industry.

Each GamesPad NFT is associated with a specific tier that represents the level of investment with unique opportunities on the platform. The ability to purchase a GamesPad NFT in an appropriate level and number of $GMPD tokens enables participation in GamesPad offers and investment in high-quality blockchain gaming projects.

GamesPad is proud to announce that its NFTs will be listed on Liquidity where they can further expand their impact on the cryptocurrency community.

About GamesPad

GamePad is the world’s leading gaming, NFT and metaverse ecosystem, backed by the experts at BullPerks, a decentralized VC and launch pad that reached 9,500% of the average ATH ROI after just 6 months. It is a one-stop GameFi store that brings together a game incubator, launchpad, decentralized VC, NFT aggregator and marketplace, and much more. Its core mission is to incubate gaming entrepreneurs through its comprehensive ecosystem, providing them with mentorship, guidance, and network connections in the gaming and crypto space.

About Liquidifty

Liquidity is the next generation NFT marketplace that provides different tools for NFT collectors. Users can use these tools to increase their NFT opportunities, such as a cross-chain oracle, take loans under NFT collateral, and earn with NFT vaults. The central idea of ​​NFTs is that they are inherently unique, built on separate blockchains and representing various industry sectors. Liquidifty aims to bring them together in the primary ways that unite them in value.

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