MMA fighting styles

Let’s break down the most popular and effective combat sports

Most parents want their child to be able to defend themselves. Some adults also want to be more confident, so they join a gym. But where to train? “Chance” features the top five martial arts for self-defense and street fighting.

In addition to all the advantages, it is also possible to bet on such sports disciplines by analogy with online cricket betting. But such entertainment is not for everyone.

Let’s say there are more worthy martial arts than our summit could accommodate. The main thing to remember, the best fight is the one that was avoided. Here you can see:

  • Boxing;
  • Kick boxing;
  • Karate.


If you don’t have a lifetime to learn fighting styles, boxing is the perfect sport to fight outside of the gym. You can actually learn to hit simple boxing combinations in a relatively short period of time. Boxing is characterized by a sharp and instinctive work at mid-range, which makes it possible to decide the outcome of the fight with a minimum of blows. The basis of boxing are the hands, which are always more effective than the legs. Another advantage of boxing is that the effectiveness of this sport almost does not depend on the season: if your opponent is wearing a thick jacket, you can hit him in the head; if he wears light clothes, you can also work the body. You are less likely to fall on ice and snow if you only hit with your hands. In an entrance or an elevator, you always have the option of a short side kick. The main advantage of boxing is that you will be taught not to be afraid of punches and not to panic if you miss the point.

The downside of boxing is that all of the above may not work if your opponent roughly understands the distance you are working and the angles you are hitting. So, classic boxing may not be enough against a master of mixed martial arts, but against a drunken stranger “from the neighborhood” – it’s good enough.

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Thai boxing and kickboxing

There is an opinion that Thai boxing is the closest martial art to real conditions. This sport is called “eight arm fighting”: in Muay Thai, punches, kicks, knees and elbows are allowed. The knees and elbows used in the clinch are the hallmarks of Muay Thai boxing. Elements of Muay Thai techniques are adapted to other sports, particularly MMA. Thai clinch is good because it allows you to fight when your opponent grabs your arms and tries to bind you, pinning you to themselves (and this happens regularly in street brawls). And if they hold your breasts, the ideal solution is to stick your elbow: nobody expects it, and it is almost impossible to defend yourself. Elbows offer many possibilities: for example, if a person is taller than you, you can cut their face with a “sharp” elbow. In Thai boxing, low kicks are widely used – kicks to the hips and shins. After mastering the low kick technique, you can besiege a street aggressor without causing fatal injuries. It can be said that Thai boxing is the universal striking martial art.

The disadvantages of Thai boxing are that its effectiveness depends partly on the time of year: it is difficult to elbow a fighter in a tight jacket, and it is easy to slip on the ice when punching of foot.

We will not talk long about kickboxing: this sport uses elements from both boxing and Thai boxing. Kickboxing classes will teach you how to kick with your hands, legs, and in some versions, knees. Just defend yourself in the street. The downside is that mastering kickboxing and Thai boxing techniques takes a considerable amount of time.

Combat sambo and hand-to-hand combat

Hand-to-hand combat is an applied martial art invented in the army to learn how to disarm an opponent in combat as effectively as possible. Army hand to hand combat rules allow you to end up lying on the ground even with your feet up and hitting your head. However, such “brutality” no longer exists in the sporting sense of hand-to-hand combat. Nevertheless, hand-to-hand combat is one of the most effective ways to defend yourself on the streets. The disadvantages of melee combat and army melee combat also have some disadvantages, but they are not so obvious. For example, it is believed that helmets with iron bars, which melee fighters wear, do not allow them to feel the force of the opponent’s blow in combat. There is also an opinion that arm wrestling does not have its own thing: wrestling fights, Thai fights with knees, boxer – hands, but arm wrestling does everything at once, but not always well. However, if we are talking about self-defense on the street, perhaps it does not need to be so sophisticated.

Combat sambo is also originally an applied sport for security forces. The main difference between combat sambo and all those mentioned above is that these martial arts are built on the basis of wrestling. If necessary, it allows you to put your opponent on the ground and render them harmless with the help of a hold or a finish. The downside of combat sambo (part of it relates to hand-to-hand combat) is that it’s not as effective in the summer: most grapples are done by grabbing your clothes. Also, to train in combat sambo, it is desirable to become a fighter first, and one cannot do it in six months.

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In recent years, it has been common to underestimate karate, but there is an opinion that this type of martial arts is ideal for the streets. Karate fighters learn to hit as hard as they can and endure the pain themselves. Some experts believe that karate fighters have a perfect sense of distance and timing – the ability to strike quickly and in time. The disadvantage of karate is that punches to the head are prohibited in some types (for example, in the most common – Kekushinkai). Like any martial art, learning karate from early childhood is desirable.

MMA is the pinnacle of martial arts thinking because it has it all: punches in every part of the body (except the head), choking wrestling, and painful techniques on every limb. There is no downside regarding the process in MMA because MMA is all at once. The less strategic is that it is almost impossible to quickly learn everything you need to know not to become Conor McGregor in six months. On the other hand, street-critical skills under competent guidance are realistic enough to pick up in a year or two: boxing basics, leg pass protection, ground fall protection, control on the ground or near a vertical surface. What else do you need? Another thing is that there is no established MMA coaching school in the province yet.


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