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Joe Biden’s Florida Trip Recalls Democrats’ Troubles

President that of Joe Biden Tuesday’s visit to Florida was in support of the gubernatorial candidate charlie christSenate candidate Val Demings and contrasting the “very different vision” of Republicans and Democrats for America’s future.

But according to the US senator. Marco Rubioinstead, Biden’s stoppage in the Sunshine State should remind voters of the nation’s ongoing problems.

“We welcome him to Florida,” Rubio said. America Reports.

“For us, it’s a reminder of what we’ve been telling people throughout the campaign, and that’s that Joe Biden and the Democrats control the White House, the House and the Senate for 22 months, and what they produced for our country, it’s inflation”. , rampant immigration, crime problems across the country. And of course, they have to answer for it.

“So people have a choice. If you want to leave these people in charge of our government, then obviously you will welcome Joe Biden and you will want him here.

Biden’s trip to Florida came a week before Election Day, when Crist hopes to overthrow the governor. Ron DeSantis and Demings hopes to supplant Rubio. Both Democrats are trailing in their respective races, and recent vote suggests these shortcomings are not likely to close unless something drastic happens.

Despite his lead, Rubio remained on the attack in his race, compete in their October debate, Demings “never passed a single piece of legislation” — she did, though the measures renamed the post offices — and voted “100% with (the Speaker of the House Nancy) pelosi,” what is true.

More recently, the senator told Fox News that Demings’ career in law enforcement and the resulting criticism disqualified her to be considered a VP pick for Biden.

Demings criticized the police following by George Floyd killing, including the creation of a opinion piece in the Washington Post calling out the “stupid, heartless and reckless behavior” of law enforcement bad actors.

But she also before stood near police accused of excessive force while serving as Orlando Police Chief and hit calls to defund the police as “mad.” And the change in the name of the post office? These changes were made to honor cops who died in the line of duty.

Ahead of Biden’s arrival on Tuesday, Rubio’s campaign issued a press release further disparaging Demings, who it said “supports 100% of Biden’s agenda,” including the US $1.9 Trillion Bailout Actthe Inflation Reduction Act, the “Biden border crisis” and the “Biden student loan bailout, which forces 87% of Americans without student loans to pay $420 billion bill for those who do.

Rubio is indeed wary of costly economic moves at the federal level. In 2017, he threatened to vote “no” to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the largest one-time corporate tax rate cut in U.S. history. he later voted for the measure after a last-minute change, he expanded the federal child tax credit.

“Val Demings welcomes his party’s failing leader, Joe Biden, to Florida today to celebrate what they’ve brought to the American people: record inflation, dangerous crime and a wide-open border,” the gatekeeper said. word of Rubio. Elisabeth Gregoire said in a statement.

“Thanks to Val Demings’ record of voting for Biden’s far-left agenda 100% of the time, Americans are worse off than they were two years ago, and they have the Biden administration and government-controlled Washington to blame. the Democrats. On November 8, Florida residents will reject Biden’s radical agenda and re-elect Marco Rubio.

Florida Politics has reached out to the Val Demings campaign for comment and will update this story upon receipt.

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