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Jake Paul vs Ben Askren live broadcast results, play-by-play full fight updates | Triller Fight Club

Triller Fight Club: “Askren vs. Paul” will air TONIGHT (Saturday, April 17, 2021) from inside the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Atlanta, Ga., Streaming online via FITE.TV pay-per-view (PPV). In the main event, former Olympic wrestler and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion Ben Askren will find himself in the boxing ring for the first time in front of bigmouthed YouTube celebrity Jake Paul. Also on the card, powerful punchers Regis Prograis and Ivan Redkach will knock down, and Frank Mir will make his own boxing debut against former champion Steve Cunningham.

PPV live stream starts at 9 p.m. ET tonight costing $ 49.99 (broadcast it here).


Jake Paul vs Ben Askren – Paul beats Askren by KO in the first round – LOOK AT THE HIGHLIGHTS!
Regis Prograis vs Ivan Redkach – Prograis beats Redkach via technical decision
Steve Cunningham vs Frank Mir – Cunningham defeats Mir via unanimous decision
Joe Fournier vs Reykon Super – Fournier beats Reykon by KO in the second round
Junior Younan vs Jeyson Minda – Younan defeats Minda via unanimous decision
Quinton Randall vs William Jackson – Randall defeats Jackson via unanimous decision

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren

First round: Paul opens the fight with a few blows. Askren lands a good forehand to the right. Paul’s body shots. Askren gets closer to the melee, landing a melee shot. Paul sticks a hard blow. Good left hook, followed by a right to the body. A huge forehand from Paul brings Askren to the ground! Askren is back on his feet. The arbiter won’t let him continue though, and THIS FIGHT IS OVER!

Final result: Jake Paul defeats Ben Askren by knockout in the first round

Regis Prograis vs. Ivan Redkach

Round one: Redkach looked to land the jab early. Good body shot from the Ukrainian then an upjab. Prograis itself is a blow. Lots of misses from both men. Redkach returns to the body with his jab. Prograis sticks the nose. Glancing at Prograis’s left hand. Double hit from Prograis.

Progress 10-9
Round two: Both men work early with the jab. Prograis finds a right hook, then begins to let his left hand fly. Good right hook from Prograis. Uppercut from Prograis, who then begins to dig in the midsection. Right from Redkach. Double hit from Prograis. Prograis’s own left hand counter pulls his man back. Redkach retaliates! This fight is really escalating.

Progress 10-9
Round three: Progress with an early jab. Double jab supports Redkach. Overhand de Prograis scores again, and Redkach makes up for it. Prograis opens up, continuing with his left hand and scoring body shots. Prograis hard right counter-hook. Redkach finds a left to the body.

Progress 10-9
Fourth round: Progress comes out by pulling his left hand. Jabs on the body. Good left hand on top, followed by a much harder hand. Redkach is injured, but he recovers. Stiff jab from Prograis. Another flyby started from Prograis. He’s really focused on that punch. 1-1-2 of Prograis. Redkach hits the body, but he didn’t land anything significant enough to knock Redkach back. Progress stuns his enemy with a right hook and lets left hands fly.

Progress 10-9
Fifth round: Progress working the jab early. Redkach pulls back well. Right hook from Prograis. 1-2 to Redkach’s body. Stiffer 1-2 from Prograis. Jab-hook from Prograis. Prograis shows the movement of his head, sticks a blow. Prograis enters a big left hand before the bell. Slower turn.

Progress 10-9
Sixth round: Redkach’s quick kick. Prograis right hook, followed by a left hook. Prograis’s big overhand starts a flurry, and he lights up the midsection. Progress letting it tear up close. The right hook to the body sends Redkach to the canvas! It seems like a legal punch from the replay, but the referee decides it is a low blow. Redkach rolls on the ground, like Aljamain Sterling. Chaos ensues! The fight is definitely over, but it will take a while to hear the final decision.

Final result: Regis Prograis beats Ivan Redkach by technical decision (60-54, 60-54, 59-54)

Steve Cunningham vs. Frank Mir

Round 1: We’re almost two hours into the show, and there’s been six minutes of boxing, and no end in sight to the musical performances.

Finally, the two men are in the ring. Cunningham lands an early right on the body, flashes the jab. Mir takes an eye with a right hook. Another right to the safe for Cunningham. Uppercut and Overhand scores for Cunningham. Mir lands a good left. Mir eats another body shot, scores a left. Mir pushes his foe up the ropes, but Cunningham rolls his punches. Good hook for Cunningham’s body.

10-9 Cunningham
Round two: Cunningham’s early jab. Cunningham takes an angle, lands on the right. Cunningham hits the body, Mir responds with a left. The two exchanges in the clinch. Cunningham’s jab-hook. Cunningham connects with a three-hit combo to the jaw. The bigger one on the right still scores for Cunningham, but Mir takes it. Cunningham scores a pair of body shots then another huge one just before the bell.

10-9 Cunningham
Round three: Cunningham’s early jab, followed by a 1-2. Quick to the right of “USS”. The Triller camera isn’t focused on the fighters, so who knows what’s going on? Clean up to the right of Cunningham, followed by a bullet to the body and a blow. Big 1-2 of Cunningham. Mir lands close to the left. Nice 1-2 from Mir to the bell!

10-9 Cunningham
Fourth round: against Cunningham’s right. Cunningham sets up a combination, spades Mir with a few lefts. Body shot, followed by an upjab for Cunningham. Lots of clinch between the two great men. Cunningham against a Mir blitz. Good to the left of Mir, but Cunningham responds well. Mir throws himself forward into a counter-hook, lands a few shots in the clinch.

10-9 Cunningham
Round five: Mir pushed into the clinch right away. Nice head movement from Cunningham, who then hits his foe with a right. Cliiiiiinch. 1-2 to Cunningham’s body, followed by a right hook. Cunningham’s rapid crossing. Cunningham sticks a jab, Mir lands a top left. Big right from Cunningham in the lead. Cunningham throws a blow near the bell.

10-9 Cunningham
Sixth round: Mir advances with a combination. Mir works well in melee at first. Cunningham retaliates with his back to the ropes. Cunningham’s 3-2 landed clean. Mir sticks a shot! Cunningham responds with a return. Drive straight from Cunningham. Mir lands a short melee combination. Mir finishes the round by pushing forward, and the two men exchange body blows.

10-9 Cunningham

Final result: Steve Cunningham defeated Frank Mir via unanimous decision (60-54, 60-54. 58-56)

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