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Jack Shore aims to steal the show from Sean O’Malley in the near future

Up-and-coming UFC bantamweight Jack Shore would love the opportunity to upstage Sean O’Malley.

Knowing the kind of attention O’Malley generates, Shore said he would certainly be delighted with a match with the 27-year-old. Speaking with Andrew Whitelaw from Sportskeeda MMAshore said:

“Obviously everyone… I know some of these guys were calling for Sean’s fight because technically it’s the money fight in our division. So it would be nice to be the guy who kind of steals the fight. star. But again, let’s focus on here, get the win and see what opportunities come up after that.”

Watch our exclusive interview with Jack Shore below:

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One of the most popular fighters on social media, O’Malley has established himself as a draw despite his relatively low ranking. That being the case, the rising star already has a huge target on his back.

Jack Shore announces potential clash with Sean O’Malley

Besides the opportunity to get some exposure, Jack Shore thinks it would also present an interesting clash of style and personality with Sean O’Malley. The Welshman said Sportskeeda MMA:

“Me and Sean will be a good clash of styles. A clash of personalities too. I don’t know what’s going on with him, if they’re going to relaunch him with Pedro or maybe they’re going to give him a Top 10 guys. , but i’m always here, i’ve always come. I’ll fight anybody and i like his fighting style and that would make for a fun fight. But like with any fucking guy in the division too. “

“Sugar” was recently caught in a controversial no contest decision during his fight with veteran Pedro Munhoz at UFC 276. The Arizona native accidentally pricked Munhoz in the eye which made the Brazilian unable to continue fighting.

The Sean O’Malley-Pedro Munhoz fight was ruled a no contest after this O’Malley peek#UFC276

Talk of a rematch began shortly after the fight, but O’Malley insisted his opponent didn’t deserve it, thinking he could have faked the eye injury.

For now, though, a possible match against O’Malley will have to wait until Shore prepares for a matchup against Ricky Simon. The pair of promising bantamweights are set to fight on Saturday’s UFC Fight Night preliminary card: Ortega vs. Rodriguez at UBS Arena in Elmont, New York.

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