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India FinTech Forum unveils 28 high-potential fintech startups for IFTA 2021

Companies such as Perfios Software Solutions, PayU, CashRich, KUDOS, Huobi Global, TransUnion CIBIL, Easebuzz, Gupshup and Deloitte are supporting this initiative to celebrate global excellence in fintech. IFTA finalists will showcase innovations across various fintech sectors including banking infrastructure, artificial intelligence (AI), digital lending, cryptocurrency, RegTech, robo-advisory, digital identity , payments, InsurTech and more.

Winners of previous IFTA editions include well-known names like Simpl, Khatabook, ZestMoney, Capital Float and Valocity Global. Former IFTA laureates have raised more than US $ 3 billion in funding so far. “We are both happy and proud to have received the Fintech Startup of the Year award, in recognition of the hard work we have put into creating a product that completely reinvents the payment experience, both for merchants and consumers, ”said Nitya Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Simpl and winner of the 2021 IFTA Fintech Startup of the Year award.

Each year, hundreds of fintech startups from around the world apply for IFTA and go through two rounds of preselections by event partners, startup accelerators and industry experts. The finalists have the opportunity to demonstrate their innovation in front of a distinguished jury made up of eminent thought leaders from the world of finance and technology. After careful deliberation on many strong entries, 28 startups and 6 scale-up companies have been shortlisted to compete at IFTA 2021.

IFTA is proud to present the finalists of Fintech Startup of the Year 2021:

  1. 3Cortex (India) – 3Cortex specializes in providing niche solutions to bank, NBFC and corporate treasuries for data reconciliation, exception handling and obtaining business insights for decision making.
  2. AccuraScan (UAE) – AccuraScan is a Regtech solution provider that helps banks, financial institutions and other industries use 10-second contactless digital and video KYC with real-time user verification to mitigate fraud by line.
  3. BukuWarung (Indonesia) – BukuWarung is a digital ledger for accounting and payment. Without Indian solution of UPI type in Indonesia, their digital payment solution has established itself as the market leader.
  4. Card91 (India) – Card91 is a complete out-of-the-box payment infrastructure and issuer-processor platform.
  5. CredAble (India) – CredAble fund providers and large scale corporate resellers / distributors using data from ERP system.
  6. Credlix (India) – Credlix is ​​Moglix’s digital supply chain finance platform that provides rapid, unsecured working capital solutions for MSMEs, buyers, channel partners and exports.
  7. Decentro (India) – Decentro is a full stack API banking platform where users can select and integrate desired modules into a sandbox, and launch their product within weeks.
  8. Epifi Technologies (India) – Fi leverages existing infrastructure to bring a 2.0 banking experience to a generation of digital natives.
  9. EpikinDiFi (India) – Designed by bankers for bankers, EPIK’s Vanguard streamlines all interactions with customers and employees into a single, cloud-based digital lending platform.
  10. here credit (India) – herecredit is a consumer loan product. Users can withdraw money to their bank account and repay it in monthly IMEs.
  11. Inferyx (United States) – Inferyx is a global analytics company helping businesses accelerate the infusion of AI to make smart business decisions.
  12. Karza Technologies (India) – Karza offers micro-services for digital integration with computer vision, NLP algorithms and a proprietary unified fraud risk score.
  13. KreditBee (India) – KreditBee is an iinstant personal loan platform for the liberal and salaried professions.
  14. Loan partners (India) – Lend Partners helps MSMEs meet their monetary needs by using “Invoice Discounting”.
  15. Silver View (India) – Money View is an application-based platform that democratizes access to fair and responsible credit for Indian users with a smartphone and a bank account.
  16. Nerve solutions (India) – Nerve Solutions specializes in real-time risk management and automated trading products for financial markets.
  17. Niyo Solutions (India) – Niyo is focused on creating a simpler, smarter and safer bank for its customers by simplifying finance with technology.
  18. PartnerHUB (Hungary) – Charlie-India Invoice Hub is white label software that creates value for SMEs by providing invoicing related services.
  19. Accelerate (United States) – Simplifi by Quicken brings comprehensive personal finance capabilities to 21st– Century generation of mobile / cloud-oriented users in a sleek and modern application.
  20. reach52 (Singapore) – reach52 is a social enterprise that provides health and insurance services in communities that others cannot reach.
  21. Refyne (India) – Refyne has an Earned Wage Access platform that allows employees of a company to recover part of their earned but unpaid wages at any time before payday, without disrupting payroll.
  22. Smartcoin Finance (India) – SmartCoin offers micro-loans to large underserved middle / lower income segments, using proprietary algorithms to assess the risk profile of potential borrowers in real time.
  23. Stockal (United States) – Stockal helps Indian retail investors create and manage stocks and ETF investments in global capital markets on a fully digital platform.
  24. (India) – Algo360 enables digital lending using alternative data, AI and ML helping financial institutions (FIs) extend their credit offerings to the underserved population.
  25. Mint Turtle (India) – Turtlemint’s technology enables the insurance advisor to digitally onboard clients and sell insurance products efficiently through the mobile app.
  26. WealthDesk (India) – WealthDesk enables portfolio-based investments in addition to stocks and ETFs, strengthening the advisory, brokerage, asset and wealth management ecosystem.
  27. Xpedize (India) – Xpedize is a financial technology company that provides digital supply chain finance solutions to large enterprises through the Software-with-a-Service (SwaS) model.
  28. ZebPay (India) – ZebPay is a leading cryptocurrency exchange for buying and selling bitcoin etc. Its app allows anyone to invest in crypto, earn returns, and qualify for loans.

IFTA is proud to present the finalists of the Fintech Scaleup of the Year 2021:

  1. Celusion Technologies (India) – Celusion Technologies develops business applications focused on unified account opening and digital lending platform.
  2. Handcrafted silicon (India) – Craft Silicon’s product suite has been designed to cover the entire microcredit value chain, including basic loan management, group and individual loan origination, fundraising, disbursement, etc. .
  3. Decimal technologies (India) – Decimal Technologies is focused on digitizing BFSI and providing solutions to reduce customer acquisition costs by bringing the digital point of contact closer to the customer.
  4. Idfy (India) – IDfy provides verification solutions that identify entities to prevent fraud and reduce risk. They offer solutions to increase confidence with minimum friction.
  5. Intraliens (United States) – Intralinks facilitates strategic initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and reporting to investors.
  6. Sub-K (India) – Sub-K is a digital finance company providing affordable, accessible and scalable financial and payment services to the BoP segment.

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