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I’m gonna break Jessica Delboni at Invicta FC 45

Atomicweight champion Alesha Zappitella is doing her best not to let emotions affect her performance at Wednesday’s Invicta FC 45, but make no mistake, those feelings are bubbling just below the surface.

“Honestly, there’s a little chip on my shoulder about a lot of things with just the way this fight went,” Zappitella told MMA Junkie. “I won’t let it get to me. I’m not angry. I’m not going angry, but I have a lot of reasons for this fight now.

Zappitella has been sidelined since her victory in May against challenger Jessica Delboni. It was an ultra-thin result, a split decision, and one that “Half Pint” readily admits was not their best night.

“I’m not at all happy with my performance in this fight,” Zappitella said. “I came in with a game plan. My coaches didn’t really speak to me. They weren’t really telling me what to do so I got frustrated even during the fight so we just had to go back and plan the game. I have a new team behind me and everything, so really re-evaluate everything. “

Now working with both Strong Style MMA in Ohio and Knoxville Martial Arts Academy in Tennessee, Zappitella said she laboriously studied her 25 minutes with Delboni and made the necessary adjustments.

“I can’t even tell you how many times I watched it or my coaches watched it,” Zappitella said. “I broke down every thing that I did wrong and every area I could do better. And I mean, she’s been fighting since I fought, and I’ve been able to study absolutely everything. and really evolve during that time.

Zappitella (9-2) and Delboni (11-3) will meet again in Wednesday’s headliner Invicta FC 45, which will be broadcast live on MMA Junkie from Kansas City, Kan.

Delboni came back to a second blow to the belt with a one-night victory in an eight-woman tournament last June and made it clear that she disagreed with the outcome of the first fight with Zappitella.

The defending champion noticed it.

“It annoys me a bit that she posts everywhere that she thinks she is the champion because she is not the champion; I am the champion, ”said Zappitella. “I’m the best atomic weight in the world, and I’m going to go out and screw her throat and prove it to her.”

With that case settled, Zappitella said she plans to move on to the weight of the straw, where she competed earlier in her career. But in her final fight at 105 pounds, she wants to make a real statement.

“I’m sending a message,” Zappitella said. “This is my last fight at 105 years old. I’ve been losing weight for five months now, and going to 105 isn’t healthy at all for me. I wanna go out and message and just show that I’m better than what somebody says about me.

To do so, Zappitella said another split decision victory just won’t be enough.

“I’m going to come in and I’m going to stop him,” Zappitella said. “I’m going to put Jessica on the ground, and I’m going to keep her there, and I’m going to break her.”