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I have the charisma to be everything

Gable Steveson believes he will be able to portray just about any character that is asked of him.

Steveson is a highly touted prospect who signed a contract with WWE. The Olympic gold medalist will end his college career before making his debut in WWE. Steveson is only WWE’s second Olympic gold medalist. The first, of course, was Kurt Angle.

During an appearance on MMAFighting’s MMA time, Steveson told Ariel Helwani his charisma will shine brightly in WWE.

“I don’t know my style yet, but I think I can do very well at the American Hero, especially being a gold medalist. Kurt [Angle] was the only one – I don’t have a broken neck, and I hear it all day on Twitter. “You don’t have a broken neck, you are not the real gold medalist.” So I’ve heard it all day in all my posts. I’m sorry I didn’t have my neck broken, but I still got a gold medal… there are so many styles that I could play, there are so many styles that I’m ready to play. I’m open to everything – American hero, murderer, heel, villain, nice. I think I have the characteristics and the charisma to be everything. I’m just waiting to see who I’m gonna be.

WWE hit the jackpot with Kurt Angle. Angle not only ended up being an elite worker, but he also had a strong personality and fit the bill of a true sports artist. Whether Steveson can find similar success remains to be seen.

Gable Steveson also told Helwani that he thinks he’ll end up skipping NXT and going straight to the main roster. That said, Steveson wouldn’t be averse to starting in development if that’s what WWE wants to do. – The Easy Way to Buy Pay-Per-View Events.

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