How many laps are there in MMA? Fight duration, rules and distance for championship and untitled fights

Mixed martial arts are taking the world by storm, but what are the rules for fighting inside the cage?

Mixed martial arts quickly became one of the greatest sports in the world and produced some memorable encounters.

The likes of Bellator and the UFC have grown into global brands, with some of its fighters becoming big stars in their own right.

But how long should fights go on inside the cage / ring, DAZN finds out.

MMA fight duration

  • Non-championship fight: 3 rounds of 5 minutes
  • Championship fight: 5 rounds of 5 minutes

Non-league fights are scheduled for three five-minute rounds, while title fights are scheduled for five five-minute rounds.

These round structures are part of the Unified MMA Rules which is the set of rules widely adopted by most governing bodies and promotions.

However, there are exceptions for tournaments where a fighter must fight more than once per night.


MMA also has a set of rules when it comes to the dress of fighters.

All competitors must compete in approved shorts without shoes or any kind of foot padding.

Shirts, gis, and long pants are not permitted, and fighters must use approved lightweight gloves (4-6 ounces) that allow fingers to grip.

A mouthguard and protective cup are also required before being checked by a State Sporting Committee official before a fighter enters the cage / ring.

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