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A Bay of Plenty manager, tired of dealing with arguments on the playgrounds, has come up with a new approach to restlessness during breaks.

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Life lessons, including hurting yourself, are taught in Taneatua Primary. Source: Seven Sharp

The principal of the Tāneatua school, Marama Stewart, noticed that the fighting was getting out of hand in her school, so she decided to stop fighting them and welcomed her into the classroom.

“Every day I got a call at the playground to stop the fighting,” said Stewart, adding that sometimes there were “three staff in the playground trying to break the fights.”

It was then that Stewart had an idea for his school’s curriculum – mixed martial arts or MMA, a brutal combination of the fighting styles of the world.

“I watched these guys fight and they were really, really calm and it seemed like the person who could stay the most calm won the game. And I thought it wouldn’t be great if our kids could stay calm.”

Financed by funding for urgent interventions from the Ministry of Education, the school was able to charge for four mats at a cost of $ 4,500.

“To be a good fighter doesn’t mean you have to be the most violent or aggressive fighter, it’s actually the opposite,” Jiu Jitsu instructor Jerry Stensness said.

Stewart says the movement has developed resilience in his students.

“It’s actually less violent than rugby. You think about those tackles and they don’t stay calm in a scrum, do they? But you will see our kids and they are very successful and they will appear with a smile, ”says Stewart.

“We kind of believe that everyone is hurt – it’s part of life.

“Maybe harden a cup it’s just a scratch, move on and our resilience in our kids is fantastic,” said Stewart.

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