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Former UFC fighter Elvis Sinosic will make his professional wrestling debut

Former UFC fighter Elvis Sinosic is set to make his professional wrestling debut with All-Star Wrestling Australia, according to a new report from The roar. His first match is scheduled for April 2 at St Mary’s Leagues Club, where he will face Falco one-on-one.

The MMA veteran has been featured in organizations like Cage Rage in the UK, the K-1 Grand Prix in Japan and the World Submission Championships in Abu Dhabi. He is probably best known for his time in the United States, where he competed for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Sinosic, also known as “The King of Rock n’ Rumble”, is trained in a variety of MMA styles like Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujutsu, Taekwondo, Boxing, Judo and many more.

Mitch Christian, a promoter for All-Star Wrestling, gave insight into how Sinosic first became interested in the sport of professional wrestling.

“Elvis is an 80s wrestling fan with his dad,” he said. “He grew up watching Ricky Steamboat, who was his favorite wrestler, and always wanted to compete, but of course the MMA/UFC career happened.

“He got wind of what we were doing at All-Star Wrestling and wanted to get involved. He said he wanted to wrestle, which wasn’t too surprising considering he’s a professional athlete. I think people are going to be surprised. Elvis already had a very strong pro wrestling foundation through his MMA career and is in phenomenal shape. He trained with current All-Star Champion Keegan Brettle and Luke Watts to prepare for his in-ring debut.

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